Thanks to The Ecology Center who operate a certified farmers’ markets in Berkeley, California for providing us with tips and tricks to extend the life of your produce without plastic.

The Berkeley Farmers’ Markets, a program of the Ecology Center, are eliminating all plastic bags and packaging from their three weekly markets, making them the first in the nation to do so. The goal of the markets’ “Zero Waste” campaign is to remove, reduce, and recycle plastic and to recycle and compost all materials generated at the markets.

To help people to begin living without plastic, the Berkeley Ecology Center has put together a comprehensive list of solutions for buying and storing produce plastic-free.

Apples‐ store on a cool counter or shelf for up to two weeks. For longer storage in a
cardboard box in the fridge.

Pears‐ will keep for a few weeks on a cool counter, but fine in a paper bag. To hasten the
ripening put an apple in with them.

Broccoli‐ place in an open container in the fridge or wrap in a damp towel before placing in
the fridge.

Eggplant‐ does fine left out in a cool room. Don’t wash it, eggplant doesn’t like any extra
moisture around its leaves. For longer storage‐ place loose, in the crisper.

Here is their complete PDF document that you can download to use at home.

How-To:  Store Fruits and Vegetables
Tips and tricks to extend the life of your produce without plastic.


Images by Berkeley Farmers’ Markets & absentmindedprof

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