The hybrid car market is heating up as a continually-increasing number of Australians flock to eco-friendly vehicles. In June 2012, for instance, the sales of hybrids increased by 84 percent when compared with figures from the same time last year. Experts believe that the increased interest in hybrid cars is fuelled by higher petrol costs and environmental concerns.

Reasons for Buying a Hybrid

The engines on hybrid cars use a petrol engine that works with or alongside an electric motor. Hybrids, therefore, use less fuel and emit fewer pollutants into the air and are more environmentally friendly automobiles than traditional cars. As gas prices have undergone a dramatic climb, hybrid vehicles have become especially popular with commuters who need to drive long distances.

Benefits of Hybrids

One of the main reasons a lot of people purchase a hybrid car is to save money on their petrol bills. Hybrid car owners also enjoy the side benefit of being able to drive longer distances before having to stop to refill their tanks.

If you buy a hybrid, you might also want to check around with different car insurance companies to see if you might be able to get a discount. According to, many Australian car insurance companies are giving hybrid cars a discounted rate on their policies. By living in Queensland and owning a hybrid car, your Motor Vehicle Stamp Duty rate will be lower than if you owned a traditional car.

Current Hybrids Available on the Market

A number of auto manufacturers currently offer hybrid models in Australia. Toyota, which has been offering its Prius since 2001 on the Australian market, is also now selling a hybrid Camry that is manufactured in Australia. Honda, which also began offering its first hybrid in 2001, the Insight, will also have more models for consumers to choose from. Some other manufacturers are planning to enter the Australian hybrid market in the future. Ford has announced that it’s hoping to sell hybrid models in Australia by 2015.

For those consumers who want to save money on fuel in style, a number of auto manufacturers are now offering luxury hybrid models. Lexus, Toyota’s luxury subsidiary, as well as BMW, Holden, Porsche and Infiniti all have plans to offer hybrid models in Australia in the near future.

Is a Hybrid Right for You?

If you enjoy being as “green” as you can be for the environment, then a hybrid car could be a great fit for your lifestyle. According to World Wildlife Fund Australia, there are 11 million cars in Australia, which produce over 46 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Because hybrid vehicles produce 40 percent less emissions, you can feel as if you’re doing your part to help the environment by owning one.

Hybrids are also a smart choice for those who can’t stand riding the roller coaster of worry every time the cost of a litre of fuel spikes upwards. The initial cost of a hybrid is typically higher than a similar traditional car. Prices, however, have been coming down significantly in recent years.

The Future

Most experts believe that the hybrid car is here to stay for the long run, especially with fuel prices being so unpredictable. As the cost of these vehicles are lower and the number of different brands and models increase, a greater number of Australians are likely to purchase a hybrid in the future.

About the Author Matthew Horgan

Matthew loves writing about cars and mechanics. He is a freelance writer and blogger when not working on his Subaru.

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