Yes it is true. I am a beginner gardener! Delving into dirt, plant species, seed propagation, cuttings, flowers, mulching, and everything that goes along with being a “gardener” is all new to me! So where do I start?

So with some research I have come up with some tips to help fellow newbie gardeners, and please if you have any information or advice, let us know! I welcome all thoughts and ideas to keep me motivated!


The best way to stick with your new passion of gardening is to remember it is a hobby and a relaxing pursuit. Yes, there will be times you unfortunately kill all your plants, or some pest will eat all your fresh vegies, or there will be no rain and the leaves will burn or just something that takes the wind out of your sail.  But don’t let those situations taint your experience. Perseverance will pay off with a bumper crop one season or your very first salad that you grew from scratch.


Yes we all want those gardens we see on TV, the wonderfully manicured hedges, rows of vegetables all producing tasty delights, flowers in the right spots and of the right colours, the best selection of succulents but this all takes time to master the art.

When it comes to growing vegetables, the same sentiment rings true. You could plant 15 different kinds of crops and hope that just one of them works or you can focus on a couple of your favourite things you actually like to eat. This works best as it keeps up your momentum and interest as well.

Starting with a simple garden pot of salad greens will open a world of vegie growing as they are usually the easiest to maintain and produce fast results. You could also invest in trying your hand at cherry tomatoes instead of heirloom tomatoes!


You may live on a 10 hectare block of land but the best rule of thumb for us beginners is to dream big but start small. Taking on too much in the early stages isn’t the best way to focus your time or energy. It is best to have a small successful year rather than a huge unruly mess of a garden that is overgrown with weeds and wilting plants.  After your first successful year you can then increase the size and contents of your garden.

If you don’t have the space to dig a new garden, a container garden is your field of dreams.  Within your small space you can plant a huge range of vegetables and plants that will keep you busy and your interest high while learning the love of gardening.  A great starting point for your container garden is herbs, especially as these are expensive to buy! Try your hand at basil, mint, rosemary and parsley.  These work wonders in containers and also look fantastic on your deck or windowsills.

and our last and favourite tip is,

Why hire a gardener when you an do it yourself! Get the kids to  help as well and make a day of it!


befriending other gardeners is the perfect way to keep you motivated in your new garden. They allow for a free exchange of educational tips and tricks, can show you wonderful new garden ideas and also if you’re lucky, do a seed swap with you! Being exposed to the world of gardeners will be a never ending source of entertain and education.

So fellow gardeners, what do you say?  Want to  be friends with a newbie? 🙂

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