I don’t mean to preach but it is an irresponsible way to live as a fat, sluggish and unhealthy person in modern society.  It places a burden on your family, friends and neighbours and fellow tax-payers.  You only have to look at how difficult health care is in say, the U.S.A. to realize that over-indulgence, drugs and just a lack of adequate pride in one’s own being has added to the cost of running any sort of health care.

All it would take for the USA and other developed nations to have an affordable system in place is to hack away at the diabetes rate, the obesity, cancers caused by poor diet and bad environment, heart attacks caused by over-indulgence in poor diet, and the endemic laziness caused by a combo of remote controls and too much entertainment that is ‘sitting on your bum-based’.

This guys really over induldged!

It is a matter of national shame if a country cannot look after its sick and if as a national characteristic, fitness for the masses (not just the iron-men) is not seen as the accepted way of life.  Lobby for secure bike racks, showers at work so that you can ride or walk there.  Use an exercise ball to sit on in the office instead of a chair.  It is AMAZING what it achieves for your balance.  (Mind you, my secretary who was a male was not impressed that the exercise ball he was allocated was flesh pink.  He developed a complex about testicular disease …. But it was an amusing sight.)

In Australia, the weather is generally great for exercising.  There is no excuse.

There should be no need to spend money losing weight.  If it is motivating for you, start a savings jar and put in the money you are saving by not eating so much at each meal, not buying fattening lattes, or something like that.  Reward yourself at the end of the year by buying a herd of cattle or flock of ducks on heifer.org.

The formula for weight-loss is simple:  eat just as much as your body requires for fuelling your daily bodily functions.  NO MORE.  Prune a little off that for bigger weight loss or exercise more.  Substitute ‘light options’ (fruit, oatmeal etc.) for the greasy stuff.  Don’t look at food as a reward.  Get your brain working and convince yourself that fat and grease are just yucky and you will be amazed at how you won’t want to eat it.

Don’t ever ‘eat till you burst’ and go to the gym to shed your gluttony.  It is better to take small snacks through the day, remember to clean teeth afterwards though.  Drink adequate fluids, water being the best or some anti-oxidant teas.  If you are feeling hungry, have a cup of green tea.  Or eat an apple, skin, seeds and all.  It is amazing how it keeps away the hunger pains. The apple seeds contain pectin which is a fighter against cancer.

Ramp up those steps to 10,000 per day or more.  Get off the computer and do some hand exercises to avoid repetitive strain injuries. (And trust me, these are REAL).

Motivating yourself to exercise is not always easy especially if you are so fat that you puff and pant after a few steps.  Get a buddy, walk around the block.  Buy a pedometer and count your steps.

See what you can prune from automated tasks in your daily life and do them  by hand: eg. Hang clothes on the line and burn energy from your body and save energy from your electricity meter.  If you have stairs, see how fast you can walk up and down them.  Time yourself and improve your time.  Lift those knees!

Send us your ‘staying fit and healthy’ ideas and we will compile them into a mega-list to help other readers!

Today I plan on taking a 1 hour walk – will wait till it is cooler in the evening and put on my headphones and just walk.

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