Josh Byrne (environmental scientist & presenter on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia) is underway with his most ambitious house project yet – the design and construction of two 10 Star energy efficient family homes in the Fremantle suburb of Hilton, WA.

The homes will be thermally comfortable year round, without the need for air conditioning or additional heating. They will generate more electricity than they use and will harvest and recycle water.


What sets this project apart from others is that the building designs have achieved a 10 Star energy efficiency rating, while using conventional building materials and construction methods so they can easily be replicated by industry and the wider community. Josh also wants to prove that all of this can be done for the same cost as a typical family home. Check out the plans and sustainability reports ( for more info.

Josh’s House has been designed to use less than 40% of the local average mains water demand by incorporating a range of best practice efficiency measures and alternate water sources including greywater and rainwater. The house will only need 10% of the average Australian household electricity use and save $2000 annually in energy bills.

With the roofing on and the rendering underway, Josh’s House is shaping up beautifully!

In Episode 4 of the Josh’s House video series they take a look at the material that Josh chose to roof the houses with and why. Also find out why green plumbing pipework has been installed and learn about the plans for monitoring the performance of the homes. It’s also time to start planning the landscaping works as lock up stage is reached less than five months after the slab was poured.

Josh’s House – EPISODE 4 from Josh’s House on Vimeo.


The project plans are available for free to the entire community, and can be downloaded here:

Video Channel: – check out the latest episode of the Josh’s House series plus the 3D tour!


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