Eco Films Australia have a great short video about keeping Australian Native Sting-less Bees, and let’s just say I WANT SOME!!

I have always wanted to keep bees. I think I love honey so much that I feel compelled to watch it being made. I have always been a fan of visiting honey farms and seeing the bees do their thing.

BUT my partner has a bee allergy and I am constantly reminded by him that one sting could kill him and would it be worth it for us to keep bees. *sigh*

So just watching this great short film about the Australian Native Stingless Bees give me hope! I could keep bees and enjoy their buzzing and busyness without the fear of killing my loved ones!

There are reported to be over 1600 varieties of bees in Australia but only 14 species are stingless. Australian stingless bees are a lot smaller and darker looking than your average sized honey bee. There’s one good advantage in being small, and that’s at being able to pollinate tiny delicate hard to reach blossoms.

Permaculture practitioner Anne Wensley has been keeping these bees for over 25 years. Generations of bees have inhabited the same log that sits outside her front door. Whilst we were filming a segment with Anne about her chickens when we spotted her bees in a log outside her door.

Native bees are scarce in some areas of Australia because of the practice of clearing and burning fallen timber.

These bees like to inhabit hollow tree logs.

Keeping Native bees close to your home is an excellent way to pollinate Australian native plants and keep the bio-diversity of native plant species functioning.

Now where do I sign up? Does anyone keep Native bees and have more information for me?

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