The cute Koala is a our national animal. We all love Koalas but really how often do you actually see one in the wild? I have to admit the last time I saw a Koala in the wild was in 2005 at Apollo Bay, Victoria! wow, that was a long time ago!

The wonderful volunteers who run KoalaTracker have set up for the Queensland region,  Project Location. People living in Queensland now have a resource to log in and update when and where they have seen Koalas. You can even pinpoint down to the exact tree as well!

The data collection will help with tracking population numbers and protection zones and provide a real time census of the Koalas of Queensland. Wildlife Management groups will use the data for future protection of the Koala habitat.


So log in and let them know when you have seen any Koalas.

KoalaTracker –


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