I have been to some disgusting places in my life.  Some of the beaches in Thailand would easily win the award for the Dirtiest place in the world. Awards are very often given to Tidy Towns worldwide but now, I would like to propose a new award:  the Dirtiest Town in the World.

To start, I would nominate our town, whose border we live on, Las Jarretaderas, Mexico and would like to invite your own nominations. Google our town and you can see clearly at Street View, that the roads are very poor and unfinished cobblestone for the majority.

Why I am doing this is that we took part in a major cleanup recently, picking up garbage, sorting bottles and so on, and now, thanks to some people with a poor outlook on life, ignorance, laziness and nothing to gain by being clean, the place is even dirtier than before.  The cemetery we carefully cleaned up defies description!!!

I also would like to invite your ideas on how to spread the cleanliness/tidiness/recycling message in a developing nation.

It is all very well for Mexico to brag about having the richest man in the world.  But the poverty of spirit here far outstrips anything I have ever come across.  Women spend hours sweeping the dirt outside their houses but rarely stoop to pick up a dropped paper or their carefully piled up sweepings.

Today I am feeling somewhat down about this!

Can anyone out there cheer me up with some positive steps we can take that cost nothing?

The locals have no money, the town authority seems to have cut this town out of their responsibility and nobody seems to have the guts to do anything for fear of angering the locals.  Difficult!

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