December 29, 2016

Las Jarretaderas, Nayarit, Mexico, Dirtiest Town in the World?

I have been to some disgusting places in my life.  Some of the beaches in Thailand would easily win the award for the Dirtiest place in the world. Awards are very often given to Tidy Towns worldwide but now, I would like to propose a new award:  the Dirtiest Town in the World.

To start, I would nominate our town, whose border we live on, Las Jarretaderas, Mexico and would like to invite your own nominations. Google our town and you can see clearly at Street View, that the roads are very poor and unfinished cobblestone for the majority.

Why I am doing this is that we took part in a major cleanup recently, picking up garbage, sorting bottles and so on, and now, thanks to some people with a poor outlook on life, ignorance, laziness and nothing to gain by being clean, the place is even dirtier than before.  The cemetery we carefully cleaned up defies description!!!

I also would like to invite your ideas on how to spread the cleanliness/tidiness/recycling message in a developing nation.

It is all very well for Mexico to brag about having the richest man in the world.  But the poverty of spirit here far outstrips anything I have ever come across.  Women spend hours sweeping the dirt outside their houses but rarely stoop to pick up a dropped paper or their carefully piled up sweepings.

Today I am feeling somewhat down about this!

Can anyone out there cheer me up with some positive steps we can take that cost nothing?

The locals have no money, the town authority seems to have cut this town out of their responsibility and nobody seems to have the guts to do anything for fear of angering the locals.  Difficult!

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  1. Come to Trinidad

    • Hi Dominique,
      Is that because it is good, or bad? Are you suggesting it as a contender for the Dirtiest Town in the World? Or are there some things in place to make it clean? I do not understand why in developing nations people seem not to be able to see litter and trash and continue to add to it. Perhaps they all need to visit a clean town so that they know what one is and feel ashamed that they allow their own environment to be so disgusting?
      Cheers and thank you for reading mga,

    • Can I chime in and say I think one of the cleanest places I have been is Vancouver, Canada. Very tidy little city!
      A lot of recycling bins in the street of both paper and plastic.

      I know this country has a lot of resources and money to spend on setting up a rubbish system but the fact that everyone gets on board is pretty good too!

      And Dominique – I would LOVE to visit Trinidad! Maybe not for the reasons you’re mentioning but still looks fantastic! :)

  2. Hi there, i haven’t make it to Jarretaderas yet, but what a contrast, just 50 km to the east nested in the freshness of the sierra mountains you will find Mascota, the prettiest and cleanest town in Mexico. They even have city ordinances that ban ‘pollution’ signages in the historic downtown, and house-color compliances to
    maintain the character of the town.

    • wow – sounds pretty good! I have visited Jarretaderas and it is upsetting to see the destruction. I do know that the ban on signage is also going into action in this area (it was just starting as we left) and I think that will make a huge difference. I would love to see some pictures of Mascota! Sounds lovely!

      Some of these beautiful and authentic Mexican towns should be preserved and loved. I know when travelling around different countries, I often try to find the authentic and older areas to see how people really live. If only they were all lovingly preserved! I know that would help them get more tourist dollars that is for sure! $$$

      • Hi Rebecca, I do have some pictures from Mascota I can share with you. Please let me know where I can send them out. Greetz and happy trails to lovely Mascota ! !

  3. I was in Mascota yesterday and we commented on how clean it is. Bought some organic coffee there! Yummmm! I think that the key to Mascota is that everyone takes RESPONSIBILITY for their own shopfront and house front so even in the back streets it is clean. It is WONDERFUL to see no Maccas & KFC there. Congratulations to the residents.

  4. schrodinger_hated_cats says:

    I know how to make Jarretaderas and the rest of the filthy parts of Mexico clean– let White people take it over! Yeah, I know how filthy mexicans are. They’ve turned huge parts of the United States into a trash pit. Just go into any beaner-infested Walmart parking lot and you’ll see the dirty diapers, mexican soda bottles and trash strewn about the place for yourself. Never mind the foot paths that your illegal immigrants have carved and scattered with litter throughout Arizona and the rest of the borderlands. Not saying that we Americans are perfect, but our slovenliness can’t hold a candle to the utter pigginess of mexicans. and and×526.jpg

    • I just want to say that I don’t believe in being racist and that My Green Australia is not a place for racism.

      There are many countries around the world that are working on cleaning up decades of bad habits – for instance in Australia we had a huge campaign called “CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA” to encourage and remind people about littering. This was a very expensive campaign and since we have a much smaller population here, the uptake was quite high.

      There are so many factors to why countries have problems with rubbish, but I think before you start calling a whole race of people as filthy, you should look at yourself and what are you doing to help keep our planet clean.

      Every day we can make our planet cleaner and better for each other – being hateful doesn’t help anyone.

  5. Just a followup on this story: Las Jarretaderas now has recycling bins for the plastic bottles and an amazing amount of cleaning has been done since last summer. This has been a huge effort by many people from the parish priest to the Delegado and his team and individuals to say nothing of the local school that kick started the recycling. We take our bottles there to recycle for fund raising. So it is NOT a lost cause. I just think that the problem was compounded by the poor drainage and roads and most of these have been drained and concreted. People have even put in lots of plants along some of the roads. So it is not a lost cause! Any racist comments in regard to this problem have not been approved for posting. FYI, I have a Canadian neighbour who thinks it is quite OK for him to flick his cigarette butts into the street so it’s not just the locals causing the problem!

  6. And another thing – behaving like a pig is not a racial issue – it is a personal issue. We all have the power to bend down, pick up our trash, sort it rather than throw it, avoid USING it rather than having the problem in the first place. In the Jarretaderas school, the (100% Mexican) teachers work hard training the kids to re-use, reduce, recycle and there are green messaged posters around the school walls. They are proud of their animals and birds in this environment and try to protect them. But also, these people are POOR! Their efforts are much more of a sacrifice in their lives than the spoilt people from the developed world.

  7. Another update on Jarretaderas!
    We went in to pay the water bill and buy some chicharron (ummm, crispy rendered down pork skin which my husband swears won’t kill him!) and we were amazed to see teams of people out planting masses of plants and trees in the town. The plaza has been painted and it is looking quite pretty. Most of the streets are now clean, the recycling bins are emptied regularly and the people are determined to make it work. Well, most of them. AND the hardware store man (Herman) told me that there is now a worm farm not far from here. He actually owns a duck farm just around the corner. So things are good here and I have never seen the place so clean. Many people have contributed to this change and yes, it has been nearly 3 years in the making! Congratulations, Jarretaderas!

  8. Come to colombia we’ve got our own share of grime!

    • When you look at how our little town has improved, I would say ‘don’t give up’. Actually, Medellin looked great on ‘¡Q’Viva!’


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