December 29, 2016

Life is on the line, clothes line that is!

Since their invention in the 1900s tumble driers have become the energy-guzzling bad boys of the home. We now favour ease and convenience over the natural drying ability of the elements – all at the expense of our planet, but there’s no excuse for using one if the weather is fair and you have outside space.

If you live in a flat or apartment try rigging up a clothes drying system over the bath or shower. Clothes may take longer to dry but it costs you nothing and won’t waste energy.



As the sun starts to shine here are ten good reasons to use wind and solar power to line dry your laundry and ditch the tumble drier once and for all!

  1. Cost saving – you’ll save at least $275 per year on your energy bills by not using a drier. Older and inefficient machines may use even more energy.
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint – the average drier cycle releases 1.5kg of harmful CO2 into the atmosphere.
  3. Clothes last longer because hanging them out to dry is gentler than the tumbling action of the drier
  4. Less creases – give your clothes a good shake before hanging out and they will be almost wrinkle free when you take them in reducing the need to iron them.
  5. Line dried clothes smell lovely and fresh, no chemical in the world can beat that natural sunshine smell!
  6. Pegging out your laundry in the sunshine gets you outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes! You could even get the kids to help and instil in them good habits that they will continue into adulthood.
  7. There is less static from line dried clothes and therefore they are gentler on sensitive skin.
  8. In the summer, tumble driers create heat while other appliances such as fans and air conditioning units cool us down. By not using the drier in the first place we can reduce the need for other energy-sapping cooling appliances.
  9. Use clothes pegs made from recycled materials such as award-winning EcoForce to be extra green. They are eco-friendly, ultra-strong, don’t stain and grip clothes in the windiest of weather. (
  10. Feel as if you’ve done your bit for the planet!
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  1. Kenneth Lawrence says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I also use folded clotheslines because they help save space. has a lot of clotheslines you can choose from.