The Little Veggie Patch company is based in Melbourne and delivers recycled apple crate vegetable gardens to urban gardeners! Reusing old apple crates, they are lovely to look at but also a functioning garden for your home.

These wonderful crates are perfect for rooftops (for the city dwellers), small gardens, concrete and pavement gardening.

Basically all you need to do is fill the raised apple crate with soil, straw and seeds! Voila, instant garden!! But if you are time poor or just want it to be a little bit more instant, you can collect a fully assembled and heirloom seeded garden all ready to go and sit at your house.

I love this idea for a few reasons;

  1. They look brilliant. I love the look of the recycled apple crate. It is decorative and also very functional and would look great in most paved gardens. (I have a paved garden if someone is interested in purchasing one for me!)
  2. They are no-dig! They way you set up the garden with soil, straw and worm poo is to reduce your need to get in an dig. You simply use a little trowel and pop your seeds or plants in. Since I don’t own a shovel, this is much appreciated!
  3. They offer heirloom seeds. This may not concern many people but I love the idea of growing things that you cannot buy in the big grocers/shops. Being able to grow something a little special makes the experience more rewarding.
  4. They offer a maintenance service. Okay, so imagine you want to take a trip with the family, but who will look after the garden? Well, these guys will! Done and Done!

The Little Veggie Patch crates are not the most expensive option around – trust me,  I know. I went to a big box hardware store (I won’t name names here!) and to buy something similar was VERY expensive and it didn’t look very nice, was made of plastic and was kind of blerg.

To see more Little Veggie Patch pictures and for full pricing and delivery costs check out the little veggie patch company website.

A little food, a little fun;
a little soul, a little sun;
a little green, a little grow…
The Little Veggie Patch Co.

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