Drawer liners are way too expensive to buy and wear out fast.  But they are a great insect repellent and will discourage egg laying in silverfish and moths if you have lavender or cedar in the perfume. Don’t put real perfume in there as it goes stale quite fast and you will smell like an old aunty!


Do this on a sunny day.

Cut butcher’s paper (white large sheets) to the size that is of your drawer allowing a couple of centimeters on each side to fold up a little which will make a good fit and provide a little extra side protection.  You can make this as big or small as you like.   In corners, mitre them for a snug fit.  Then take them out.  NOTE: I recycle my Christmas wrapping paper as drawer liners.  Just iron them.   If you are a paper maker yourself, or know someone who does this, you can add the oils in before you dry the paper on the screens.

Fill a spray bottle with warm, filtered water. Infuse a teabag into the water for three minutes and then take it out.  This can be green tea or black tea or herbal – up to you!

Add a few drops of clove oil and 2 – 4 drops of lavender, rosemary, mandarin, orange, nectarine, rose, apricot, lemon, cedar or neem oil or a mix of essential oil scents.   Cedar and neem are the best for repelling insects.

You can purchase all these at a health food store or Jurlique or in the case of Neem try Ray’s outdoors.

Shake bottle well.

Spray the solution onto the paper and dry it well in the sun (peg carefully on clothesline is best).

Stick into your drawer using double sided tape.

Note that you can put a sprinkle of bi-carb soda UNDER the paper for additional cleanliness but don’t forget that it is there!

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