This week instead of doing our usual Meat Free Mid Week recipe, I am bringing to you all a roundup of my favourite winter vegetarian soups! So read on and daydream about these winter warmers! YUM.So seriously, have you been outside? If you live in Melbourne, which is where I live, you will know how cold it is! Gloves are on, scarves are wrapped and getting to the bus is a nightmare!

Every day I am dreaming about at these meals – soup and crusty warm bread! Bring it on!

Celeriac and Sweet Potato Soup with Ginger

This delicious soup and photo is brought to us by Chocolate & Zucchini

* 1 tablespoon olive oil
* 2 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
* One small head celeriac, about 2 pounds (choose a firm one that feels heavy for its size, and knock on it gently to make sure it doesn’t sound hollow), peeled, quartered and sliced
* 2 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced
* Salt, pepper
* a knob of ginger, about the size of my thumb (that’s 2 inches), peeled, and grated or thinly minced
* 1/3 cup milk

Serves 6.

Heat the olive oil over medium heat in a large soup pot or cocotte. Add in the garlic and cook for 2 minutes, stirring regularly, until fragrant. Add in the vegetables, season with salt and a generous amout of pepper, and cook for ten minutes, until they start to get golden. Pour in hot water (or stock) to just cover the vegetables, add in the grated ginger, stir, and bring to a simmer. Lower the heat to medium-low, cover, and cook for 35 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked through and very soft, stirring from time to time to make sure the vegetables don’t stick to the bottom. Stir in the milk (and a bit more water if the mixture is too thick), puree the soup to the desired smoothness (I like it chunky), and serve immediately, optionally topped with a fresh grind of pepper.

Creamy Vegan Carrot Soup with Coconut Recipe

Thanks to for this recipe and image – oh yum, look at that soup!

* 2-3 large carrots, chopped small
* 1 onion, chopped small
* 1 tsp fresh ginger, minced
* 1 1/2 tsp curry powder
* 1 3/4 cup vegetable broth
* 1 14 ounce can coconut milk
* sea salt, to taste

Simmer the carrots, onions, ginger and curry powder in vegetable broth for 20-25 minutes, until carrots are soft.
Allow to cool slightly, and then puree in blender, working in batches if needed.
Return to heat and stir in coconut milk until well combined.
Season generously with sea salt, to taste.
Serve hot, or, chill until cold and serve as a gourmet vegetarian and vegan appetizer soup. This carrot soup will thicken as it cools, so if serving this vegan carrot soup cold, you may want to add a bit extra liquid.

Red Lentil & Saffron Soup with Chimichuri

This recipe and image is brought to us from The Chubby Vegetarian.

* 2 1/2 cups dried red lentils (rinsed)
* 1 red pepper (seeded and cored)
* 1 medium red tomato (cored)
* 1/2 white onion
* 1 bouillon cube
* 1 palmful of dried saffron flower (much cheaper and milder than just the saffron threads)
* 1 tablespoon olive oil
* 1 tablespoon beet powder (optional)

Over medium heat, melt butter in a medium-sized pot. Place the onion, tomato, & pepper into the food processor, and turn it on. Let the vegetables get chopped very fine until nearly smooth. Add the vegetables to the butter and cook until most of the moisture is absorbed. Add the lentils, the bouillon, the saffron flower, and enough water to cover by about 1/2 an inch. Bring to a boil and then cover and simmer for about 20 minutes. The red lentils cook that fast.
I blended mine, but you could leave the lentils whole if you’d like. I made a simple chimichurri by blending the juice of 1/2 a lemon, two cloves of garlic, and a few handfuls of fresh parsley with some olive oil that I served on top. The soup went perfectly with sausage and potato empanadas.

Soupe de Potimarron au beurre noisette (Pumpkin soup with sage brown butter)

This is the Pièce de résistance! The wonderful Chez Pim brings us this winter recipe and image!

For the soup
* 1 2-3 pounds Potimarron, or Kuri pumpkin, or, you get the picture
* 1/2 small onion, cut into cubes
* 3 cups of milk
* 3 tbsp of crème fraîche, (you can also use yogurt or sour cream)
* 1 tbsp butter, soft
* salt and pepper to taste

For the garnish
* 1 cup of croutons (trim and cut stale bread into small cubes and sauté with a little butter until brown)
* 4 tbsp butter
* 3 sage leafs

1. Preheat the oven to 375F.
2. Cut the Potimarron into quarters, scoop out the seeds, and rub 1/2 tablespoon of the butter all over the exposed surface. Bake the Potimarron quarters in the preheated oven for 45 minutes.
3. While the Potimarron is baking, cook the cubed onion in a sauté pan with the rest of the butter and a pinch of salt over a very low heat.  Let the onion cooked, while stirring every so often, until uniformly brown and caramelized but not burn, for about 20-25 mins.
4. When the Potimarron is cooked through, take them out of the oven and let cool for a little bit. (You may test the doneness with a knife, if the blade goes through the flesh easily then it is done.)
5. While the Potimarron is cooling down, make the sage brown butter.  In the smallest pot you own, preferably a small butter warmer, cook the 4 tbsp butter with the sage leafs until completely melted over low heat.  The butter will foam up as it cooks, when the foam subsides, let it continue to cook until you can see the bits of milk solids at the bottom of the pot turning brown.  Take the pot off the heat immediately and let cool.  If you’ve overcook the butter and the brown bits are getting a bit too brown, then strain the butter into a cool bowl immediately.  If not, you can leave the butter and sage leafs to macerate in the warm pot until ready to use.
6. When the Potimarron quarters are cool enough to handle, scoop out the meat with a spoon.  The cooked flesh should separate readily from the skin.  You should have about 3-3.5 cups of cooked Potimarron.
7. Add the Potimarron flesh in a medium pot with the three cups of milk, the caramelized onion, a generous handful of salt, and a few turns of the pepper grinder.  Let cook on low heat until it comes to a gentle boil.  Turn the heat off, then blend the content of the pot into a smooth puree, either with a hand blender or in a stand blender.
8. If using a stand blender, pour the blended soup back into the pot and let cook gently over low heat.  Add the three tablespoons of crème fraîche (or yogurt of sour cream).  Keep stirring and scraping the bottom of the pot or it will burn.  Add more salt if needed.  When the soup comes back to a gentle boil, turn the heat off and serve.
9. Serve in a warm bowl with a small handful of croutons and a teaspoon -or two, or three, as you wish- of the sage brown butter.

I blended mine, but you could leave the lentils whole if you’d like. I made a simple chimichurri by blending the juice of 1/2 a lemon, two cloves of garlic, and a few handfuls of fresh parsley with some olive oil that I served on top. The soup went perfectly with sausage and potato empanadas.
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