Back in 2000 Sydney-based Ross Halliwell hit upon a simple solution to reduce domestic household energy consumption when he found that there was no device available for the average Joe to measure their electricity consumption in the home.

A few years later the Cent-a-meter was born: an inexpensive and easy-to-use monitor that enables the user to make informed decisions on their energy usage by displaying the amount of energy being used at any given time. Armed with this knowledge, Halliwell believes the user can reduce their energy bill by ‘up to 20%’.

Though we at My Green Australia haven’t tested this product yet, it makes sense that a real-time display of our energy consumption would be far more beneficial than the data received on the electricity bill every month (or two).

With a few simple experiments you could assess the energy efficiency of all household appliances, see the true impact of ‘standby mode’ and users have even reported that it has the added benefit of helping you catch yourself leaving the iron on!

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