I am in the process of covering our shed roof with succulents and prickly cactus, not just as a green enhancer for our tiny block of land but as an intruder deterrent.  My neighbours have an electric fence and I can’t bear to look at it.

Instead, I have planted prickly bouganvilleas in pots all along the back fence and my husband installed a micro-sprinkler system into each tub so that they get a good soaking.  I fertilize them occasionally with spikes or a Miracle-gro hosing when they look a bit sad.  The cactus roof has bouganvillea in front of it as well and it is going well after just one season, having started as a small stick!

From time to time, I will post some photos of the progress of the shed roof.  Stage one was waterproofing it to avoid moisture rusting up all the tools stored in there.  Stage two (this weekend we hope) will be to buy some coconut fibre and scoria to mix with our compost as a planting medium and we will cover it with stone chips (yet to be decided what colour) to pretty it up with some marble stepping stones in between.

Stage 2:

Yaaay, cactus plants in tiny pots are only 7 pesos at this time of the year (any time in may because of their festival on  5th May) so I bought dozens of them at little cost.  This entire section of the roof cost around $60 AUD on plants plus $60 in stones and gravel but I need more topping marble chips and a few feature stones so it will be a while till I save up for those.

Stage one here shows how easy it is to underestimate how many materials were needed. I need to double the supplies for the next section.  And I need another couple of bags of marble chips and some large rocks to give it a bit of a 3-D landscape effect.  I promise I won’t add a plastic burro and local wearing a sombrero.

This area is half the roof and you can see at the back of photo number one that the well in the top of the roof has been well covered with tar paper and sealed.  The drainage holes have been covered with crock and scoria so that they don’t block up and create a bath effect.

More to come so watch this space!

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