Around a week ago, my dear husband installed a Shattafa.  This is a hand-held bidet, a hose connected to the cistern inlet pipe pumping fresh water, when you need it, to perform the task of toilet paper, to clean your bits after a toilet visit.  You then just use a sheet or two of paper to dry off your sparkling rear end!  The spray also can be used to purge baby nappies before you drop them into the soaking/sterilising bucket.

My new Bidet!!

Already I have noticed a couple of things:  the same toilet roll is still hanging in the loo!  It will probably last a few weeks at this rate.  I used to go through a roll of three-ply every couple of days.  They say on the packet that you will save 80% of paper.

It is an acquired art.  You have to get used to spraying in the right direction.

You should turn it off and release its pressure between uses.  Just like for your washing machine.

Here, water is cheap and plentiful but if you had tank water it would make sense to use this rather than mains.  It doesn’t need a lot of pressure.

The cost in this city was around double what I would have paid buying it say in the USA and I will get a couple more for our other toilets there but this one is solid state chrome and the plastic ones may be a bit under-engineered for this tropical climate where everything deteriorates fast.

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