I think that, given the nature of nail polish, it may be impossible to track down a completely green one. After all, it is enamel paint containing a raft of chemicals, some, like formaldehyde, having been banned in Australia as carcinogenic.

Some are free of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds ) and other vicious chemicals.

I NEED nail polish as my nails have thinned from having to drink purified, filtered water (I’m not getting the calcium etc. that is in Melbourne water).

So I have listed some safer options. I note that most people’s criticisms are that these wear off faster which would explain why professional manicurists are not using them. For me, a manicure only lasts a day anyway as I use my hands so much.

I will order some of these and try them when I have some spare cash and add a note letting you know what I think!

Try the PeaceKeeper Naturals Nail Polish

The Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetics Safety Database has independently rated Eco-Smooth Nail Paints on a scale of 0.0 (for nontoxics like water) and 10 (for products with the highest toxicity). These are ranked a 3 and are the highest rated paint based non-FD&C nail polish! You have to buy through the website.

They also have a remover.

Acquarella, a non-toxic, water-based nail product also is made in the USA. Their polish contains no formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene or petrochemical solvents. It’s completely biodegradable, vegan, practically odourless and fast-drying. Acquarella polish is available in 20 colors at ($18USD plus postage).

Acquarella’s polish remover is also water-based and biodegradable. Free of harsh ingredients like acetone, alcohol or chemical solvents, their plant-based formula won’t strip or dry your nails. It is made exclusively to remove Acquarella polish and won’t work on other brands. A four-ounce bottle is $6 USD plus postage.

Honey Bee Gardens is also a great alternative. Check out all the info and comparisons here.

SunCoat (Canadian).

Nubar – their colours are WILD!

Safe Nail polish. Boring name but excellent colour range.

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