I have the fantastic opportunity to try out the Native Box subscription service so I thought I would give everyone a review of the box and products!

What is Native Box?

Native Box is a monthly delivery of natural products for you test and enjoy!
Each delivery comes with 5 – 10 products which are eco concious and they also offer organic, gluten free, cruelty free and non-toxic products!

So what did I get?


The January Native Box came with:
PURE by Phytocare Pure Papaya Ointment
I love this product!! I use it for my  lips and a great tip, if you have a pair of shoes that are rubbing on your heal, put a little papaya ointment on the area of the shoe and your foot, voila! no more rubbing!
Probiotic Solutions Anywhere Anytime
This is a chemical free all purpose cleaner. I ended up using this on my kitchen benches and it smelt wonderful. It effectively cleaned up food spills and oil splatter with ease. The lemony scent was also a nice touch.
COBS Natural Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet Popcorn
Really what is not to love. I LOVE popcorn and this was delicious. The only problem is that it is moreish and I didn’t want to stop eating!
LOVE system Gentle Face Wash Serum
I used the face wash in the evening before bed and it left my skin feeling clean but not dry. I did apply a night cream but only out of habit, but you could easily skip a night cream since this wash doesn’t strip your skin of your natural oils. The smell is also a nice floral scent which was a nice touch.
Essentially Natural Therapeutic Rose Bath Salts
I haven’t tried this yet, I want to save it for a really special occasion when I NEED to have a good soak. It does look gorgeous and has the chunky salts and delicately dried rose petals. I am looking forward to using this.
The Native Box also has a few other products such as a tea, which wasn’t to my taste but I did give it a go. The smell was refreshing but a bit too citrus for me and a beautifully handcrafted hair clip from Australian Redgum.
Overall the Native Box was a lot of fun and I have been very impressed with the products included, especially since some of these products I wouldn’t normally buy (the popcorn I wouldn’t normally think of buying, but I will be buying more!!).
Why not check www.nativebox.com.au and see if this is something you would like to try!
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