Make your own comfy Hammock! I did and I LOVE it!

Finished hammock

I made myself a hammock in just a couple of hours and may I say that this is a comfortable, supported hammock, not just a glorified fishing net!

  • Cord
  • 2 lengths of dowel
  • 2 brass rings
  • Ornaments to decorate
  • Mossie net if you want
  • Pillows

First stitch

Firstly, for this one you will need some waterproof but not too stiff cord in case you want to leave the hammock out in the rain and avoid it rotting.  Around a kilogram will be fine.  The stuff I bought was around $30 a spool and when I made the prototype I used two and a half.  But then I unpicked it as it was not a success.

Hand as hook

You will also need two lengths of thick dowel (one cut into two pieces around a metre each).  Chunky curtain rod is good.  You could also just use a thick piece of pine.

Drill 3 holes through each piece of dowel – one at each end around 5 cm in from the edge.  Plus one in the exact middle.  Paint the wood now if you feel like it.  I didn’t bother as I don’t leave it in the rain.  But I could have probably done it.


Now take your cord and using your hand as a crochet hook, make a chain of around 25 long, loopy stitches and then crochet back along that chain .  Count your stitches each row to make sure you are not skipping or dropping any.  Then just keep on going back and forth until you have something of about 5 feet long.  It will have nice big loopy holes.  Don’t make it too long as it will stretch and be hard to sit or lie on.

Then take a large crochet hook and do one row all around the outside, adding stitches to the corners so that you can get around them without it all puckering up.  Then at the top end do a line of double stitch, turn the corner and at the sides make a scalloped edge by doing 2 plain, 1 double, 1 triple, 1 double, 2 plain all along the long edge.  Turn the corner and repeat for the bottom and other side.

Attach cords

Now finish that off and tie the end securely. Cut as many 5 foot lengths as you want to (around 10 for each end) and fold them in half.  Poke one in each of the drilled holes and through the hammock at logical intervals to attach it and then add as many more lengths just threading through the hammock and around the dowel. åGather the ends together and tie through the brass ring and pull all the loose ends into a neat bunch and wind a length of cord around to neaten it and make that secure with knots.  Hang carefully in a tree using hammock ends that you can get at the hardware store.

Tie on ring

Be sure it is strongly anchored before lying in it.  Enjoy it!  Email me if the instructions are confusing as I would be happy to explain.  It takes around 2 hours from start to finish to make this.

I am still working on a drink and mossie repellant holder that I can hang from the tree

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