The dreaded cane toad! Introduced to our shores, they are now an unmanageable pest that are well known to kill native (and non-native!) wildlife due to their highly toxic glands.  Gideon Shoes have stepped up to the challenge and have created a hand-crafted, anti-sweatshop company that now makes fresh new sneakers from the tanned hide of the toad!

These sneakers are 100% hand-crafted in Australia, though the cane toad leather is actually tanned in Indonesian, as Australian Tanneries could not offer the service. At around $500 for a pair of these fresh kicks, this in a big incentive to Australian Tanneries to consider investing time and money into adding cane toad leather to their inventory!

To add to the story of Gideon Shoes, it is run by a non-profit The Ted Noffs Foundation. It  says it started producing the handmade cane toad sneakers to raise money for its Sydney drop-in centre.  The youth centre that is the beneficiary of the cane toad sneakers is said to annually support 10,000 young people, who may be experiencing drug and alcohol problems.

I am not sure I would fork over $500 for a pair of sneakers, but according to their site they are pre-selling a large amount of shoes.

For the sneaker junkies out there, the Gideon Cane Toad Sneaker should be on your list!

Photos Via Gideon Shoes

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