Yes, no more Treehuggers (except for our friends over at, we love you guys!). But let’s be honest here,  I am so very sick of the term “treehuggers”  and “greenies” and I will tell you why!

Treehuggers as a term is the fastest and easiest way for people to categorise you and then simply write you off as a nut-job.

They see a treehugger as someone who is lethargic and protein deficient since they have a low or no meat diet, or someone who smells like patchouli and considers personal hygiene to be optional. It actually drives me a little nuts!

I would consider myself to be a environmentally conscious person, and I wash (yes I use my home made soap) and I have a low meat diet that will hopefully turn into a no meat diet. I have a job and work and am very well educated, so I would hate to be written off simply because I want to protect what we exist on.

I believe in Australia we should remove the word “treehuggers”  or “greenies” as being “Australian” should mean that we care for our environment and not as something separate or political. Being a young Australian today, we all should care about our country’s future both economically and environmentally. They go hand in hand!

Loving our environment, our animals, our oceans, our forests and our lands is just plain Australian and NOT political, but unfortunately these things are intertwined for many people.

It isn’t simply choosing between a Prius or not, it is about making better decisions on every level. Choosing better food, choosing better products, making our money push and encourage REAL change in industry.

We are all people on this earth and living environmentally friendly, well, it shouldn’t be a choice anymore.

Just for a moment, imagine a time in our future that we no longer have to think about “is it environmentally friendly? Am I going to ruin things by buying this?“. That would be so brilliant! I would love a time to come when I can be mindless again and not be concerned and worried. But that is not the world we live in today.

So I want to abolish the use of treehugger and greenie – these terms should just be in the Australian psyche now and we should all just take more care of our country.

Who agrees with me?

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