Have you actually read any of the ingredients that are in a bottle of RoundUp or Weed Killer? Now tell me how many of them can you actually pronounce correctly? So why are we spraying these all over our freshly grown vegies?

There are many recipes out there for home made and organic weed control and pest control, but what are some other options?


Using a good mulch is a great way to stunt any weed growth and to also help retain water in your patch. By layer with newspapers and thick bark chips this greatly reduces the amount of weeds that will be able to penetrate and grow.

Try Plant densely. Check to see if your plants will grow well if they are planted closer together (so that the leaves of adjoining plants touch at maturity). Try competitive planting; quick-growing annuals, vigorous ground covers, and plants with dense foliage can shade the ground enough that weed seeds have difficulty germinating.

Watch what you are planting and introducing to your garden – some mulches, compost and dirts may contain other seeds and will spread quickly so keep your eyes peeled.

Rotate your plants seasonly. This will keep both weeds and pests at bay. Rotation also gives your garden beds a chance to breath and maintain good soil health.

And the lastly you can simply manually remove the weeds – yes this is at the bottom of the list since who has all that time and energy? (I am sure many people will correct me on this and call me lazy!)
This is a great way if you have a small raised garden bed or even in your container gardens. All you need to do is give them a good watering the night before and then spend a little time in your garden pulling them up. By watering this loosens the longer rooted weeds and makes it easier to get them up.

Happy gardening and let me know your top non toxic recipes!

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