I have been doing a little bit of googling around and found a company called OneFreeBike. This company offers cyclists a free bike for a year, with the catch being that it has advertising on it.

The overall business idea is that you (being the cyclist) can sign up and offer to ride and take care of this bike for 12 months. Every week you clock your kilometers that you have done and you could end up winning some wonderful prizes – as well as getting a free bike for a year (this does come with a $75 security deposit).
Sounds pretty good if you ask me!

I was thinking that if you are an inner city person who is considering the move to riding a bike to work but can’t afford the bike to begin with, then maybe this is for you?

As for the business side of things – you (being the business) can sign up for your company to have advertising on the bike.

You can also sign up a fleet of bikes with advertising that you can offer your employees to ride to and from work.
This actually seems like a really decent perk! I used to work for an inner city multimedia company and the majority of people rode their bikes to work. If this had been offered to the staff, I can easily say it would have been a hit!

So what do you think of this whole idea? I love the company’s central principles

Sustainability, social justice and natural capitalism are our central operating principles which guide every decision we make. Our vision is to encourage the long the term shift towards cycling in the community.

Sounds good – yes or no?

Just a little FYI – I am not affiliated with this company in anyway. I just thought it might be of interest to some people who would like to use a free bike for a year! If you do have any experience with this company, let us know! I would love some feedback on them and if this is at all worthwhile.

Images and info VIA OneFreeBike

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