Freezing your food is a great way to extend the life of the food you have bought. You have spent your money on your food for the week, so we have some great freezing tips that can help you out in the kitchen!


  1. Cool your food down
    Make sure you cool down any cooked foods or leftovers before you place it into the freezer. Let it cool until there is no more steam and cover and place in the freezer.
  2. Thawing frozen food
    When thawing poultry or meat, make sure you defrost it properly before cooking. Never leave food to defrost on the bench in the sun. eek!
  3. Put your food in Freezer Bags, Tupperware or Glassware
    To maintain the quality of your food and to minimise any cross contamination, store your food in freezer bags, Tupperware or Pyrex when freezing. There is no need to unwrap prepackaged raw meat trays, just pop them in the freezer.
  4. Freeze smaller portions
    If you are single, living alone or prefer smaller meals, it is always best to freeze the portions smaller so you only ever need to defrost what you need. There is no need to defrost and then waste extra food this way.
  5. Labelling is your best friend
    When you use a couple of egg yolks but want to keep the whites, you can easily freeze these. But, remember to label everything clearly or else you will have a freezer full of unknown items you will be too scared to defrost! So make sure you label what it is and when you froze it.
  6. Do not overload your freezer
    Before going out shopping make sure you include a check of your freezer to see what items you have before buying any more. Overloading a freezer reduces it’s efficiency and also you will end up losing food in the back!

I am a bulk cooker so I rely HEAVILY on my beloved pyrex individual sized bowls! This way I can make my meals for the week and just have to reheat my portion for dinner. Easy, plus it means I have less dishes to wash as well!

What are you tips for freezing food?

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