When you have too many citrus it is a challenge to know what to do with them. There’s only so much marmalade you can eat! But here’s a recipe for pickling limes which you can substitute for use in Moroccan dishes for an exotic variation.

Clean your limes well and quarter.

Layer them with salt in a recycled jar.

Toss well until the salt begins to dissolve.

Refrigerate and each time you open the fridge, turn the jar upside down.
(place a saucer under to catch any leakage).

Do this for a week then open the jar and sprinkle some tumeric and some curry mix (preferably whole seeds of some variety – cumin, caraway, coriander etc.).  With a chopstick, push some star anise down the sides for aniseed flavour and dramatic effect. Close the lid and tighten.

Continue to turn the jar till there is just juice in there and no salt crystals.

Leave for a month before eating.

Serve as a condiment with lamb, chicken or fish


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