Are you planning your wedding for next summer? Are you busy checking out wedding magazines, shops, websites to frantically find everything? Well here is our helpful round up for you if you are looking for earth friendly and chic alternatives!


Green Weddings – Part 1 – The Invitations

Choosing your save the date and invitations will set the tone of your wedding.

There are ways to still have a very chic wedding invitation and be eco-friendly such as selecting recycled paper for your invitations or even selecting seeded paper that actually grows when put in water.  There are many modern designs for available for printing on these papers so speak to your invitation designer and see what options you have – trust me, they will still do amazing letterpress invitations on recycled paper for you! (I am loving letterpress so much right now!)

There are options if you are not interested in invitations or are keeping to a fairly tight budget with Online Invitations. The site offers brides (or this could be the groom’s job!) the ability to set up a website that includes information about the day, location, maps, photos and the all important RSVP management tool! I would use this site for that function alone!

There are plenty of sites around offering these services, so have a look around and see if this fits with your style!


Green Weddings – Part 2 – The Location

This is going to be your first big decision to make – where are you going to get married? Big venue halls typically are not exactly the most energy friendly places – they tend to suck up power in lighting and heating/cooling.

Why not get married outside on a beach, in a forest or even a farm!! Imagine the CUTE barns decked out with candles! Or even better – a vineyard! There are so many options that will help reduce the impact of your wedding and with so many wonderful and romantic options, this will be your toughest choice!


Green Weddings – Part 3 – The Dress

YIPPEE! Time to hit the stores and try on as many things as you can find – I highly recommend doing this! I have heard from many brides that they had a dress in mind, and then went and tried it on and it just didn’t look as they imagined. They then tried on dresses they wouldn’t have picked from a magazine and just fell in love with them.

Don’t forget when picking your dress and your bridesmaids dresses to look at vintage or pre-loved dresses. There are so many wonderful options around that brides have worn on their day, had dry-cleaned and that was it. Why not breath more life into these dresses!

Worn Only Once is a gorgeous online resource of dresses both for weddings and formals (I’m thinking for your bridesmaids). Remember – hunt around, this is your day to wear that amazing dress you have always dreamed of.

Flowers & Decor

Green Weddings – Part 4 – The Flowers and Decor

What flowers and colour scheme are you going with? I am hoping there is some green in there! Picking a florist ask questions about where your flowers have come from, are they sustainable flower farms and how far have they had to travel for your big day? Find out these answers so you know what you are dealing with!

Check when certain flowers are in bloom, not only will this be better for the environment but it will be better on your wedding budget!! Flowers that are not in season when you want will cost you more than flowers that are.

What about a nice gift for your bridesmaids – I adore, yes adore, love, yearn for these perfect fabric flowers from EmersonMade (well, I actually want everything on this site if the truth be told!)

Food and Drinks:

Green Weddings – Part 5 – The Food & Drinks

Picking out different options for your menu plan is simple. This is easy, easy, easy! Why not choose to have a vegetarian menu and a option of meat upon request! That would be different and allow people to have the choice.

OR you could be ultra daring and serve only vegan options! Showcase that vegan food is delicious, filling and just think of the flourless chocolate cakes!! Remember that Chelsea Clinton had a vegan wedding!

Selecting a wine and champagne in Australia is also very easy. We have so many brilliant wineries that offer organic and biodynamic wines.  Something tasty to have during your toast!

Hair and Make Up:

Green Weddings – Part 6 – The Make up & Hair

why not consider the natural approach when it comes to your bridal beauty.  Don’t dramatically change your appearance for the day, no need to try a new haircut or radical hair colour unless you are sure it is going to look right on the day.

When looking for make up and cosmetics for the day, make sure you seek our organic and animal cruelty free products.

Gift Registry:

Green Weddings – Part 7 – The Gift Registry & Favours

Make sure you select only items you need and try to avoid things that are overly packaged and you can also ask people to donate on your behalf to charities and foundations.

For favours for your guests consider small plants that they can take home or even seed envelopes! Try to give gifts that people will use such as simple chocolates, or little pots filled with succulents.

So what are your green wedding tips for us?

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