The beginning of the plastic era began in the early 1800s with the discovery of polystyrene and now in today’s world, life without plastic seems to be incomprehensible. Everybody, every single day, comes into contact with plastic. From our plastic toothbrushes, milk containers, Tupperware, parts of our cars, clothing, headphones, bags, medicine bottles, medical equipment, traffic lights, cups, cutlery, televisions, computers, mobile phones, food containers and on and on!

The damage of plastic is enormous.  We actually created a swirling vortex of plastic in the North Pacific Ocean dubbed the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” which is guessed to encompass an area that’s twice the size of Texas. This is devastating to our oceans, marine life, bird-life and us! Basically we are killing ourselves with plastic!

Now is the time to start making real changes in our lives if we want to eventually put an end to this destruction. Take some time to look around your home and try to calculate how much plastic is in there, look at how you do things in your home and how you could easily change these habits to not include plastic.

This is a journey we all need to take, and it’s easier to do with friends, so let’s start reducing our addiction to plastic and let’s do it together!


1. This is the most obvious and touted change we can make – do not use plastic shopping bags. There are millions of other great reusable bags available to purchase (make sure they are canvas or a natural material if possible) or to make and you just need to remember to take them with you. Keep some in your car, keep some in your cupboard, keep some at your work desk and just use them.

2. Give up drinking bottled water for good! Say “today is the day” and stick to it. Buy a cute reusable stainless steel bottle and make sure you fill it and use it. I keep some filled with water and a squeeze of lime in the fridge ready to grab when I get my handbag. It has become second nature to grab the water bottle now!

3. Avoid buying fruit and vegetables in the produce bags. This is terribly wasteful since you will more than likely never use the bag again and will simply just put it in the bin when you get home.
Try taking along some smaller cloth bags to use or, if you are buying some large vegetables/fruits like potatoes or apples, just put them in the basket and don’t worry about the bag altogether.

4. Avoid buying take away foods that come completely wrapped in plastic. Try eating in the restaurant and using their dinnerware and cutlery. Avoid places that don’t offer reusable plates and cutlery. There really is no excuse for eating out on plastic!

5. Cut out buying soda, juice and all plastic bottled drinks. This is easier said than done for most people but if you can make a habit of taking your reusable bottle out with you then this is a lot easier to do. You can simply juice some oranges, then put it in your bottle and you’re ready to go! So much better for your health and the planet. If you forget your drink, try to wait till you get to a water fountain or to a place that provides tap-water and glasses to use.

So these are the first steps to our new reformed life and our beautiful planet will thank us for it!

Keep reading for more great advice and tips to break the habit.

Photo credit: ZAMM & BAG MONSTER

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