While travelling around Japan several years ago, I was in a town called Beppu. This town is known for its hot springs and usually attracts a lot of older tourists. So staying up late one night and walking the streets I heard this beautiful music…

It was a classical piece, I wasn’t sure what it is was, but it ethereal and echoing around the streets. Echoing?

It took me a while to realise it was coming from the drains. This town had music coming from the drains and it was amazing and I felt connected to these functional drains. Strange right…

Think now to Australia – we are hustling and bustling in our cities. Latte loving and going about our business. Going to work, shopping, wandering around… but what if you heard something magical coming from our drains?

Well that is exactly what the team at Keep Australia Beautiful did.

This 2:30 minute video shows what happened in Sydney and Brisbane when Keep Australia Beautiful set up and played ocean and animal sounds from the places where our rubbish gets into our waterways.

This made people stop and look. They were making connections between the drains and the ocean.

There is so much litter in our country, and we need to be reminded to keep it clean. Keep the rubbish in the bins, so that we can keep our oceans and waterways clean and healthy for our animal and plant friends.

This connection has carried with me from the drains in Japan to the drains in Sydney. Each piece of rubbish just tossed mindlessly from our hands to the ground, will more than likley end up in the drains and then into our oceans. There is a connection – a real connection.

Please everyone – keep Australia beautiful and don’t be nervous to let others know this as well!

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