When you hit the shops for your weekly shop how many plastic produce bags do you end up with? I am going to guess quite a few! You can make yourself feel better about them by using them in the crisper, but basically you toss them when you’re done! Plastic produce bags should be on their way out but they still seem firmly entrenched in people’s shopping habits.

The stores themselves do not offer options to purchase reusable non-plastic produce bags, and people are still told that the best way to store things in the crisper is in the plastic bag but honestly there are alternatives that prolong the life of your veges.

Let’s start with the DIY option for the crafters out there!

There are a HUGE range of produce bags that can be made at home. If you are the DIY-er type than grab your crafting kit and let’s get started.

Linda Permann of CraftStylish.com has a super easy mesh produce bag tutorial and you can see the final product below. I think the coloured mesh bags look great, plus make it easier for the cashiers to total everything up!

Michele from A House Called Nut has a tutorial for creating her vegetable bags using left over burlap. I actually really love the look of these, maybe you could even stamp a cute print on the side if you were that way inclined!

Canvas Bag

Now onto our special offer – woo!

If you are not DIY inclined or just strapped for some free time, there are a multitude of sites on the internet that offer pre-made produce and vege bags. Do a quick search on Etsy.com and you will come up with a ton!

Today we are happy to let you guys know that Green Ur Life, a Queensland based eco store has offered readers of My Green Australia a 10% discount (excluding freight) on any orders placed before November 30, 2010!

WOO HOO! Yes GreenUrLife stock a range of reusable produce bags called the E-String Bags. They have a super cute range of colours and you can pick from long or short handles.

So it is easy for everyone to stop using the dreaded plastic produce bag, and this is a GREAT thing! We have so many other options out there, that we can basically eliminate the need to use these useless little bags!

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