We don’t do many product reviews here at My Green Australia, but we were lucky enough to be sent a few batteries for testing (and obviously promotion) from the team at Fuji.

Now to be upfront with everyone, I don’t usually use a lot of batteries. I have batteries in my remote control for the TV and DVD player but that really is about it. I know I have a torch somewhere… so fingers crossed that has some batteries in it and that they still work if the day comes that I really need to use it!


So my partner has a camera that he loves and his flash uses batteries! Normally he uses a set of rechargeable batteries, but I thought I would try out the disposable ones.

Straight away my first thought was “Does anyone buy batteries anymore?” and the answer is yes. I spoke to a friend and her three year old has a myriad of toys requiring batteries and of varying sizes, so she has found buying batteries quite normal. So I must be one of the few who never really buy batteries.

The packaging is bold and bright and really let’s the buyer know that these batteries are environmentally friendly. I imagine they look pretty nice on a store shelf so are very “pick-up-able”.

In the camera I was able to capture quite a few shots with the flash turned on. I took over 80 photos of my cat (yes, he is cute!) and not once did I experience any problems with the batteries or with the flash at all. This didn’t drain the batteries so I can’t speak for the overall life of the batteries but I was very happy with the results and that they kept the flash charged and bright.

The chemicals used within the batteries themselves are: Iron, nickel, zinc, electrolyte, manganese dioxide, bronze, and paper, all of which are non toxic elements and substances which can be safely discarded in the landfill.

Disposable products are just that… disposable.

With all things that we use we have to be mindful of how they end up and batteries can be quite damaging in the long term – not every one of them ends up in landfill and many end up at the bottom of our oceans. So be mindful when buying any battery and make sure you use it and then dispose of it properly.

If you tend to spend a lot of money on batteries it could be worth your while to invest in rechargeable batteries but we are happy to see big brands like Fuji change their products and begin to embrace the ethos of a greener planet.

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