Recently my friend took a flight for his work to Canberra from Melbourne on Qantas. He took these photos on the flight for us to see how Qantas is “helping” the environment.  WARNING: This post will be filled with extreme sarcasm.

So let us first start with what Qantas believes about waste management and recycling on their planes. This quote is lifted from their website.

How can you help

The next time you travel within Australia*, we invite you to assist us by separating your recyclable items for collection by the cabin crew.

With your help, we aim to recycle approximately 6.5 million bottles, cups and cans per year through this program.

Our Contributions to Date

So far with help from our passengers and staff we have taken significant steps in helping reduce the amount of landfill we produce across the company. We currently:

  • Recycle more than 390 tonnes of paper per year in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Recycle more than 200 tonnes of bottles per year in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Run recycling programs in The Qantas Club lounges within Australia for paper, cardboard and glass.
  • Donate Qantas uniforms to charity to be used in the manufacturing of pillows and mattresses.

However, we can always do more and are continually looking for ways to reduce our waste. We are working with key suppliers to source more environmentally friendly products. For example, our paper cups provided onboard are made from 35% recycled paper.

Ok so this is what they are doing! Sounds good right?

Well here is some of this in practice!


Are you kidding me here Qantas?

A plastic bag was created to hold sliced pieces of apple… WHY NOT JUST GIVE PASSENGERS AN ACTUAL APPLE!

I am so glad the designers of the package let us know that this sliced apple is READY TO EAT! As opposed to before it was sliced. I often hate having to prepare my apple to eat, it can be so terribly time consuming.  😉

I am glad they listed the nutritional information for the apple too.  But look at the ingredients listed – not only does our Apple contain Apple it also has a natural additive that will stop our Apple from browning, 302 – Calcium Ascorbate.

This would not even NEED this to be added if they just gave passengers an apple.

So along with the apple slices, passengers were also given a drink (my mate picked a mini can of coke), a wax coated paper cup (that is made of 30% recycled paper) and this handy little plastic feeling bag.  I can not say for sure if it was 100% plastic or a mixture of plastic/paper.  Can anyone clarify for me?

To summarise the bag, it says you give the crew your empty can/bottle and your paper cup (which is made from 35% recycled paper) but the rest you place in this plastic bag that is then put in a larger black rubbish bag to be disposed of.

OH. MY. GOSH! I might actually cry now!


At first I thought this was a joke.  Why would you need to put your rubbish in a bag to then put in ANOTHER bag before disposal. Why couldn’t you simply lean over and put your rubbish directly in the black rubbish bag that the air hostess/hosts carry up and down the aisles with?


So anyway, this is my friend’s encounter with Qantas. What do you think?

I am a bit upset and shocked and would love, love, LOVE to hear from Qantas.

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