We know that raising kids is a tough but a rewarding endeavor. We love them so much we want to give them the best of everything but how do we raise our eco-kids happily and healthy? Well, we have the know how and some great tips and tricks to help you guys out!

Lead by example

Children are sponges and if you want to raise well behaved and mindful children, then you must lead by example.

Show your children that being environmentally friendly and responsible is easy and fun. Simple things as recycling, water usage, food choices, power usage, carrying a reusable bag, using a reusable drink bottle and even exercise is all a part of living a healthy life that is kind to our planet.

These are simple things that they will pick up on and hopefully repeat when they are older.

Second-hand & Hand-me-downs

This is a very simple and cost effective way to get the things you need on the cheap! Instead of having a baby shower, ask other parents or family members to bring any pre-loved baby clothes along. You could also ask for cloth nappies, blankets, soft toys etc. Anything that has been pre-loved, clean and functional should be on your wishlist.

Home made food & education

Show your children where food comes from. Tour a farm and explain where milk and meat come from, growing a vegetable garden and showing how good food is easily made in our kitchen teaches our children the importance of what they eat and where it comes from.

Making food for children should be a fun and exciting opportunity for them. They can make choices about what they like if they help make it – show them a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

This will help keep your costs down too since you can bulk cook healthy kids meals easily.  Small pasta meals can be accompanied with steamed vegetables or crisp salads. Avoid putting any dressings on vegetables and fruits so children know what they taste like naturally. Kids will also prefer vegetables that they have grown!

Being active at home and away

Allowing kids to help in the house when they are able to is very important. Allow them to put the recycling out, and to take the food scraps out to the worm farm or compost. Allow your children to understand the importance that nothing just ‘goes away’. Explain about plastic reduction and the damage that plastic does to the environment.  It might be hard to explain this if you take them to the toy store every weekend (or the grandparents do!) so avoid places that is littered with bad choices.

Allow children to have time to exercise, take them for a run around the block with the dog or spend an hour or two at the park playing. Make being outside a better experience than playing on the computer.

Get involved

Take kids to museums (set a time limit, they can get bored fast!), gardens, mountain hikes, parks, beaches and even some zoos. Allow kids to participate in the nature they are protecting. Become a member of a local park or sponsor an animal through World Wildlife Foundation so your children can learn about their new animal. Get involved in clean up schemes, animal rehabilitation services or local programs together – this is great time with your kids and also a great education as well.

Walk to school

Walk your children to school or set up a weekly schedule with other parents locally to help walk kids to school. This is great for your health and your kids too! Walking will give you some relaxing time with your kids and time away from the car will save you money!

What other tips do you have with your kids? We need all the tips we can get!

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