Everyone should know by now that, fatty or not, olive oil has health benefits a-plenty and along with fish oil (in salmon or other fatty fish form or at worst, in capsule form) is a wonder food. Your skin needs it and you stomach can benefit from the raw oil (not from the deep fryer, thanks!) in its fight against the bacteria that cause ulcers.


Here’s something yummy you can keep in the fridge and heat just before serving:


Go to the deli counter (a high quality deli or say, Prahran or Victoria Market) and beg them  for a dessertspoon of every kind of olive they sell including the tiny Ligurian olives and the massive Greek ones.

Fresh oregano or dried.  Not too much or you will overtake the flavour of the olives.  Around ½ teaspoon of dried or tablespoon of fresh chopped finely.

Balsamic Vinegar or red wine vinegar (half cup)

High quality olive oil such as Yellingbo Gold, Grampians Olive Estate, Red Rock or Toscana.  Even Viva is pretty good.  Around quarter cup.

A teaspoon of very finely chopped birds-eye chili

Toss the olives in this mix.  Heat in a saucepan or better still in a sizzle bowl in the oven which you should pre-heat.  Serve just under high sizzling point (don’t let it cook) and serve with home-made bread.

This is a tasty and irresistible winter treat.

And great for your health so don’t feel any guilt!  Use Aussie Olives and you will lower the carbon footprint.  Red Rock has some great species of olives and you could maybe try pickling your own for an even greener effect.

Here are the instructions: http://www.oliveaustralia.com.au/Pickling_your_Olives

But of course, that means planning way ahead of when you want to serve them!

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