How much space do you really need? In a world with a growing population and economies that consume resources faster that they can regenerate, we need to find a balance in living spaces. We must rethink the benefits of small spaces for our planet and our future generations.

The housing industry has been one of the few not to evolve in the last several hundred years. Today the most common way to build is still brick by brick, same method used by the Ancient Egyptians. This method takes a very long time and leaves behind a lot of waste at construction sites, which highly contribute to the slow decay of our planet.

The Nano House is a concept that was brought to life after discussing the possibilities of reducing the size of space without reducing comfort or privacy.

The Nano house measures only 25 square meters and can comfortably accommodate four individuals. By manipulating space, The Nano Living System was able to bring a vision into reality. NLS’s goal from the beginning was to create a small living space that is completely viable, sustainable, and affordable.

NLS set themselves to work on a way to minimize space and be able to double the space by adding features that have been exclusively designed by NSL for the Nano house. The Nano’s perhaps most impressive feature is the day/night feature, which allows the house to be used as a living room or office during the daytime to a comfortable two-bedroom space at night.

The housing industry accounts for over 60% of global carbon emissions. Therefore, NLS has made every effort to make The Nano house completely sustainable. From the beginning of construction, the house is built using structural insulated panels, which create minimum waste and have superior structural and insulation properties. In addition, the house has readymade solar panels, also featuring a rainwater collection system and many other green elements.

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Our Guest Post is written by: Catherine Delaloye
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