The skin is the body’s largest organ. Like a sponge, it eats up and breaths in over half of whatever it comes in contact with. And, while it is true that unavoidable entities such as smoke and other pollutants may cause extreme harm to the appearance of our skin, it is also true that the products we slather on voluntarily may cause the same harm.

The beauty and cosmetics industry is presently one of the most popular sectors all over the world. Our obsession with the fountain of youth and the products claim of flawless skin and ageless beauty is what’s keeping the cosmetics market on the top. However, conventional beauty products are often infested with harsh chemicals that encourage premature aging and internal toxicity, so in reality, those products are doing the exact opposite of what it claims.

going green makeup

Eco beauty is the closest that we are going to get to the elusive fountain of youth, and with Eco everything buzzing right now, many are taking notice. Eco-friendly beauty refers to products that are made out of either Organic or All natural ingredients. Earth friendly cosmetics are usually also cruelty free, chemical free and biodegradable. These Green beauty products promote healthy skin, even skin tone, smokey eyes, luscious lips and colorful nails without the negative side effects of their conventional counterparts.

Making the transaction from conventional beauty to Eco beauty may be an overwhelming experience to the Green novice, below is a handy guide to help you on your journey.

Simple Guide to Eco Beauty:

  • Become a Label Reader: Greenwashing is a term that refers to companies that claim to be Green when they are not. The ideal eco products should contain minimal ingredients many of which that can be traced back to plants, essential oils and natural pigments
  •  Natural Mineral Makeup: Unlike everyday makeup, Natural mineral makeup contains no preservatives, synthetics or fragrances. It is colored with pure pigments and does not irritate sensitive skin
  •  Eat your Way to Beautiful Skin: Antioxidant rich foods such as tomatoes, blueberries, nuts, leafy greens, salmon and carrots encourage glowing youthful skin
  •  Green your Nail Color: The everyday nail polishes and removers contains ingredients that have been linked to cancer, thyroid disorders and allergies. Green nail color will give your nails the same glam look without the risks
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