Small savings of carbon dioxide all help! Here is a top ten list of good habits to get into in the home and office:

To do list!

  1. Put your computer to sleep when you are not in front of it.  Talk to your workplace about shutting down all computers overnight.  Turn off your home computer when you are not using it.  This can avoid a fire hazard as well.
  2. Invest in some quality sealable plastic tubs in small sizes. (AKA Tupperware, Nylex, Rubbermaid, Pyrex),  When you are cooking stews, spag bol etc. make it in BULK.  Freeze portions of different sizes and freeze them for anything from jaffles to whole meals.  The time and energy (and money through being able to buy meat, tomato paste and veges in bulk) outweighs the cost of running a freezer.
  3. With the aforesaid plastic tubs, save any leftovers, eg. Half an onion, half a bunch of chopped parsley etc.. Next time you cook you will love yourself for making it so easy.
  4. Occasionally, eggs are super cheap.  I just got 3 dozen from Costco and one dozen was a giveaway and the other 2 were cheap anyway.  Make quiches and custard based icecream from scratch. Freeze egg whites and yolks separately.  Make up a few batches of freezer cookies and form into rolls for easy slice & bake later when you are starving.
  5. Become a locavore – in other words eat only produce in season and available within walking distance.  See Richard Cornish’s fab article about living like this at The Age
  6. Consider beginning a bulk buying group amongst friends and neighbours.  Great for those trips to the Ardmona/SPC factory!
  7. Look at buying from auction sites such as eBay and also Etsy for amazing bargains that will save money if you shop carefully.  Home delivery saves lots of petrol and carbon.  If you are buying, say, sheets, buy 3 lots at a time to minimize postage and stash the other two for when you feel like a change or give as gifts.
  8. Minimise the bulk of your garbage.  Pour boiling water into PET bottles fast and they will shrink back to a miniature version of themselves and take up much less space in the recycling truck.
  9. Campaign for the return of deposits on ALL containers.  You can be sure that if there are any dropped by litterbugs, kids will pounce on them and turn them into pocket money.
  10. When you travel, minimize your luggage to one bag that you can carryon.  A great challenge, but it can work!  Sites like are there to help with great ideas.  Keeping a plane lighter saves masses of fuel.
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