Getting mail delivered was such a joy before the invent of e-mail. You could race to the letterbox and inside was a letter filled with news, stories, updates even a birthday card or two filled with tatts tickets or money!

Nowadays the trip to the letterbox finds you opening yet another bill or finding some long forgotten junk mail, not very inspiring at all and just a waste of paper as you open and discard the envelopes (or use it to write the shopping list on!) and then stick the bill to the fridge to sit  and wait for you to pay it.

This cycle of paper bills is now a thing of the past, and with a few simple steps you can reduce the amount of paper bills you receive and turn the negative of paying bills into something a little more positive – like saving the environment!

Change the way you pay your bill

The way we have always paid our bills was to write a check, or fill in the credit card details and send our payment away – again in an envelope in the post. These days are numbered with the invent of online bill payments.

Check with your banking institute, credit card company, Electricity and Gas providers, mobile phone provider, Mobile and Internet provider, Car payments, Insurance providers, loyalty membership programes and roadside assist programes and ask them specifically do they offer paperless bill payment options.

They are easy to set up with your online accounts – especially online banking. This is by far the easiest to set up and most banking institutes have automatic payment options or monthly bill payment options to make sure you never forget to pay the bill and incur any penalties.

If the companies that provide the services to you do not offer these options, make a point of letting them know you will be considering switching services until this is amended. Saving the world and reducing climate change should be a priority for all businesses in Australia so stand up for your right!

Many companies are now even charging a fee to send out paper bills so this is great for consumers to avoid paying more for things that are no longer necessary! Don’t pay the fees and get paperless today!

So start now!

  1. Spend some time writing down the companies you receive bills from.
  2. Check the companies websites, send them an e-mail or contact them in regards to setting up paperless billing and that you would prefer all contact to be in form of e-mail as opposed to postal mail.
  3. Add companies details to your contact book in your email software. This will avoid any bills being marked as SPAM and sorted away from your inbox.
  4. Most email software, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail include calendars, you can use the online calendars to set up dates when payments are usually due each month. These can be set to send email reminders of when bill payments are due so you can make sure you receive your new online bill statement/details.
  5. Be happy you have done something small but significant for the environment and that your trip to the letterbox should only contain those birthday cards filled with money!
  6. Let your friends know on Facebook how easy it was and that these simple steps are something everyone can do!

What are your top tips?

How do you avoid so much mail in the mailbox? Do you like using email for your bills or is it still a little too early for you to make the switch?

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