Green” isn’t a state of mind—it’s a way of life. Living in a more sustainable manner is the key to preserving our planet. And this should begin at home. Below, we give you tips on how you can promote sustainability in your own home.


Go solar

There was a time when solar energy was just an expensive alternative to traditional means of power. Today, that is longer the case, as solar panels are now more affordable than at any point in history. In fact, since 2011, the cost of a photovoltaic system has gone down by more than 50%. The lower price tag can be attributed to the uptake in clean energy technologies and this increasing rate of adoption is going to benefit the cost of solar systems well into the future. Solar installation brands such as A1 Batterypro offer top-grade panels and provide solar solutions for both private and commercial properties. Usually, such companies also provide free installation, so that home and business owners need not worry about costs spiraling out of control when making the switch.

But before anything, you should first check if your home is actually suitable for a solar panel set-up. After all, your photovoltaic system would be useless if your house doesn’t have sufficient access to sunlight. A roof that’s facing south is ideal for solar panel purposes. A roof facing east or west, while not optimal, will still do, though. Northwards is a huge no-no since panels laid on such an orientation will never be able to gather enough sunlight to generate significant power.

With solar panels installed on your roof, you can enjoy greatly reduced utility bills year round. But more importantly, you’ll be doing our planet a lot of good.


Usually, our first instinct is to throw away junk or trash rather than to recycle. That should not be the case if we intend to fight the good fight for Mother Earth. So instead of searching for a new dresser in your local furniture store, maybe you already have one inside your home that would do—or at least something that you can transform into one. Perhaps, you have a few pieces of scrap wood tucked away in your attic or you have an old wooden table that you can slice apart for materials to build your dresser. That’s recycling for you. Alternatively, if you have no use for the “junk” (old furniture, electronics, etc.) that’s just lying around your household, you can donate them to charity, make money off it through a garage sale, or drop it off at the nearest recycling center. Any of those is so much better than just leaving it out on your lawn for the garbage collectors to pick up.

Conserve resources

As you know, electricity consumes oil, which is of course a limited resource. The same can be said for water—even though the Earth is primarily covered by it—since only 3% of that is fresh water fit for human consumption. With that said, the conservation of these resources is of utmost importance. It’s one of the basics in sustainable living; but sometimes, we need a bit of reminding every now and then on what we could do better to conserve precious scarce resources. For instance, when washing your hands, don’t leave the faucet on as you apply soap. You could be saving litres of water by doing so. Re-using water is also a good idea. A good example of this is using laundry water instead of fresh tap water to clean your floors. Rainwater is apt for such purposes as well. Electricity conservation is more straightforward, as you just have to turn off and unplug all electrical devices that are not in use. If possible, opt for energy-efficient electronics and appliances, too.

There’s no better time than now to start living sustainably. And there’s no better place to begin than inside the comfort of your home. Challenge yourself to cut back on your water and electricity consumption and rest assured in the knowledge that you’re doing the environment and your hip pocked a great service.

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