December 30, 2016

I’m Green, But What About My Pets?

Not meant in the literal sense of course; if your animals are green, you should probably take them to the vet. But what about environmentally-friendly? We go to such great lengths to improve our own lives and those of our families that we forget that we’re also responsible for a few other carbon footprints as […]

Island living may have been a death sentence for the Tassie tiger: is the devil next?

We have all heard at some time or another that Australia has the worst record of mammal extinctions in history, with many of our unique and vulnerable critters succumbing only years after the first Europeans arrived here. However, the island of Tasmania stands out from this record: it has not lost a single mammal species […]

Creating a wildlife-friendly backyard

Creating a wildlife-friendly backyard, or even a balcony, is much easier than you think. Wildlife-friendly concepts can be applied to all types of garden, from huge plantations down to small high rise balconies, the two key elements are water and shelter everything else is a matter of personal preference.

Austrailan Species Status Explained!

Looking at all the wonderful animals we have here in Australia you start to think about their status. Knowing which of our animals are CR and others that are LC is crucial for us and our environmental protection groups to focus their money and time wisely.

Australia’s Own Dolphin Could Be Extinct Within Three Generations

Australia’s only endemic dolphin needs legal protection or could become extinct within three generations, a new report by WWF warns.

Time to scan for pests – Australia Feral Scan online!

Feralscan is an Australia-wide ‘citizen science’ project, inviting anyone to spot, collect and report visual or other evidence of feral animals and their impacts.

Australian lifestyles ranked among the most unsustainable in the world

Well – this isn’t great news at all! Australia has taken the dubious title of having one of the biggest environmental impacts on the planet, according to a global report into the health of the world’s ecosystems and species.

Hummingbirds – An Intimate Look

I adore Hummingbirds, and I know fellow writer Wendy LOVES them too. So Wendy, this is for you!

It’s easy being… a Green Fisherman.

So many times we walk along beaches and river banks and see tangled clumps of old fishing line, lead sinkers attached.  People are just now beginning to be aware that the lead is a hazard and the line will tangle around the necks, feet and wings of birds, be ingested by larger fish and generally […]

Natural Insect Repellents that Smell Great too!

Winter may be upon us but there are always pesky insects around to annoy us! I am a personal magnet for mosquitoes and unfortunately they LOVE my ears! BUT, never fear – we have found some fabulous natural insect repellents for you (oh, and for me too!)