December 29, 2016

Simple Guide to Eco Beauty

The skin is the body’s largest organ. Like a sponge, it eats up and breaths in over half of whatever it comes in contact with. And, while it is true that unavoidable entities such as smoke and other pollutants may cause extreme harm to the appearance of our skin, it is also true that the […]

Hair care treatments you can make yourself! DIY Time!

Time to talk hair, people! With events coming up it means parties and BBQs galore so you will want to have your hair looking it’s best and really there are so many simple and cheap ways to make your hair care treatments at home!

Daily hygiene sacrificed for the environment?

The New York Times carried an article recently about a new habit known as soap-dodging. A while back, there was a discussion about stopping washing hair so often and how beneficial this was for the scalp as well as the environment, but now it is being taken even further.

Replace your costly cosmetics with home made ones!

Are you noticing you spend a little too much on cleansers, moisturisers, toners, scrubs, foot scrubs, mid week mask treatments etc etc? Are you also now more aware of what the heck is even in the products you buy? Well, I sure am!

Illipe Butter VERSUS Shea Butter

Shea butter has been the biggest deal in cosmetics lately but here’s a new contender!  Illipe Butter!

The Deodorant Dilemma – DIY or not?

I have completely swore off the regular style deodorants! Mainly due to them not working and I become a stink bug in no time, but also since they contain a myriad of things that may make me sick!

Jojoba Oil – where did it go and is it a baldness cure?

Back in the 1970s one of our friends told us that Jojoba Oil was the next big thing. He was interested because he is involved in movements to save whales and stop their oil being harvested and Jojoba has similar properties in a renewable plant that doesn’t need to be murdered to get the product.

Nail Polish for Environmentalists?

I think that, given the nature of nail polish, it may be impossible to track down a completely green one. After all, it is enamel paint containing a raft of chemicals, some, like formaldehyde, having been banned in Australia as carcinogenic.

Are you looking for a unique natural formula for your hair?

We have just heard about a new hair care product that is Australian Made and owned – and natural! Intrigued? Yes we are…

Counting the ways you can make a wedding ‘green’.

Modern weddings have become enormous spectacles and have certain traditions that have grown over the years into something above and beyond the logic of the original ceremony and celebration.