December 28, 2016

Radio National: Coal seam gas report ‘suppressed’ (transcript)

It’s been hailed as the low carbon fuel to help us transition to a clean energy future, but in recent months, some have started to question the climate credentials of the so called ‘unconventional gas’; coal seam gas and shale gas…

Who’s afraid of feed-in tariffs?

CLIMATE SPECTATOR reports: Feed-in tariffs were always set to be controversial – they turn the electricity market on its head by opening it for true competition.

South Australia’s Wind Energy Leadership: Plenty To “Crow About”

As a kid on a farm, I remember we had about six windmills which plumbed 60 metres down into the aquifers. One by one, they were quietly decommissioned and replaced by, you guessed it, electric motor pumps. Why wouldn’t you? Grid electricity was cheap, and because of the baseload supply, confirmed a level of confidence […]

Push for Solar Thermal Plant

THE TRANSCONTINENTAL reports: An organisation that wants to convert Port Augusta’s power stations to solar thermal plants visited the city again last week to further promote its bold vision for future power generation.

Politicians Question the Role of Gas in Australia’s Energy Future

Politicians have raised fresh questions about the role of coal seam gas in Australia’s energy future.

Time for Sustainable House Design

While the Federal Government is making half-hearted commitments to energy efficiency, trail-blazing architecture firms like G-O Logic Homes and Victoria’s own Sunpower Design are proving that sustainable housing need not cost an arm and a leg – nor necessitate the owning of a hair shirt.

Carbon Price Scheme – No Longer a Mystery Package

Upon the release of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s carbon price package (to take effect July 1, 2012), there has been talk aplenty of her plummeting popularity. The PM has dismissed the commentary in favour of the scheme’s necessity, saying, “Polls will come and go… I’m absolutely convinced what I’m doing’s right.”

Electric vehicles: will Australia miss its ride?

The future is looking bright for electric vehicles (EV) – and their investors.

Solar Thermal Shines On in the United States

Another large-scale concentrating solar thermal project is underway in the United States thanks to strong financial support from the Federal Government. The news is the latest example of the United States moving forward with investment in renewable energy.

Australia’s Energy Aims Mixed Up With Energy Reality

A new report released yesterday by Environment Victoria has outlined Australia’s electricity generation mix between 1960-2009 and has demonstrated a serious lack of commitment to renewable energy generation. The report highlights a steady decline in the proportion of renewable energy sources and an ever increasing reliance on coal-fired power.