December 30, 2016

8 Green Design Tips for Building a Patio

Designing an outdoor patio area for all year use means finding a balance so you can make the most of the summer warmth, but still feel comfortable once winter sets in.

Radon: a ‘natural’ environmental hazard

Back in the olden days, houses were constructed with hefty foundations and in areas where airflow was required, high stilts (eg. The Queenslander style) formed an airy, high and usable cavity where fresh breezes circulated. Old-fashioned idea, but now, it is being seen as a very practical design not just in Australia but all over […]

The GoodWood Guide

Are you doing a little building or renovating? Have you considered what kind of wood you will use? Well you probably should considering every year around the world, seven million hectares of ancient forest are logged, cleared or severely degraded. That’s 20 soccer fields a minute!