December 29, 2016

Be a true Environ-RENTAList – how to rent and be green!

There is a huge property boom in Australia at the moment and with the cost of houses versus the cost of renting, the choice for some is pretty clear for some people. But renting doesn’t mean you have to stop being green!

Easy ways to green 2012

You want to be greener, but you just can’t afford that hybrid car right now and setting up a compost heap in your studio apartment just isn’t an option. Don’t worry, we get it. Going green in 2012 can be as easy as making small lifestyle changes that will add up to a big difference […]

Green Travel: How Backpackers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Backpacking around Australia is a dream come true for many young people. The breathtaking splendour of The Outback, watching the New Year fireworks in Sydney, and learning to surf on Bondi beach: when you have such adventures on your mind (not to mention the heavy rucksack on your back) it’s easy to forget the negative […]

Environmental Working Group studied that Lamb is the worst meat for our Environment

We are all aware, or at least we should be aware, that our meat production industries are not helpful to our environment. Now we have more information about exactly how bad it is and it isn’t going to make the meat eaters amoungst us happy to see this!

Ground Up Green Ideas For Home

So there I was. Seated and sweating bullets. You see, I’d been asked some questions about the future by a journo of the future. He asked about the collision of technology and “eco-friendliness” in the years to come – and as usual that got me to thinking. How should a household step into a tech […]

7 Ways You Can Help Save The World, Make Yourself Healthier and Still Save Money

If war, violence, pollution, global warming, animal rights as well as health issues aren’t enough to concern you, confusion over what is healthy and what is not will probably do the trick. A lot of us are anxious and concerned at the seriousness of the health crisis, world hunger and pollution problems plaguing our world.

Recycling 101: What happens to your pile of recyclable plastic bottles?

While it is better to try to cut down what we use (particularly those dreadful plastic bottles) and not add to the piles of garbage, it is heartening to know that there are a few processes to make something wanted out of our plastic bottles.

‘Green’ Fireworks – can you really launch heavy metals into the air safely?

Fireworks are used at every major celebration all around the world and it’s probably a bit of a downer to start analyzing just how bad they can be for the environment. 

Dyeing to renovate your wardrobe.

It’s hard to look at tie-dyed clothes without taking a trip back in time – But fear not! There are other ways to dye and be fabulous too!

Fund a forest, save the world.

In simple terms, old-growth forests and clean oceans, through their absorption of massive quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere, are our greatest army to fight climate change.