December 29, 2016

The sustainable international house move

I’ve done the international move twice before: once when I was young I moved from Australia to the UK and eventually back again but that was before I was a parent and custodian of family memorabilia and way too much stuff.  Then from  Australia to Mexico and now Mexico to USA (LA).  The first time […]

Building carbon markets with our nearest neighbours

International carbon markets are on the nose in some quarters. From some on the left they are seen as a cheap way to absolve polluters’ sins without having a real impact on reducing emissions.

Don’t let figures befuddle you; you can live a low-carbon life

Recent articles on low carbon homes and life cycle measurement difficulties left carbon groupies concerned about the complexity involved in measuring our emissions.

Galileo Movement fuels Australia climate divide

Two Australian retirees invoke the ‘father of modern science’ in their fight against the hegemony of settled climate science. But their arguments – and the advisors supporting them – draw from a deep history of climate science denial and distortion.

Environmental Working Group studied that Lamb is the worst meat for our Environment

We are all aware, or at least we should be aware, that our meat production industries are not helpful to our environment. Now we have more information about exactly how bad it is and it isn’t going to make the meat eaters amoungst us happy to see this!

Carbon Tax – A Short Roundup

I won’t go into too many details here as it is being covered by everyone and anyone, so here is a quick round up thanks to the crew over at

Carbon Tax Myths

Are we preaching to the choir here at My Green Australia? Yeah probably but let’s talk about this anyways! CARBON TAX! DUH DUH DUUUUUHHHHH.

Solar Thermal Shines On in the United States

Another large-scale concentrating solar thermal project is underway in the United States thanks to strong financial support from the Federal Government. The news is the latest example of the United States moving forward with investment in renewable energy.

Australia’s Energy Aims Mixed Up With Energy Reality

A new report released yesterday by Environment Victoria has outlined Australia’s electricity generation mix between 1960-2009 and has demonstrated a serious lack of commitment to renewable energy generation. The report highlights a steady decline in the proportion of renewable energy sources and an ever increasing reliance on coal-fired power.

Climate Solutions Think Tank Launches Zero-Carbon Buildings Research

Climate change solutions think tank Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is launching a new research initiative to investigate pathways to a zero emissions buildings sector. Following on from their Banksia award-winning Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan released in partnership with the University of Melbourne last year, the group has turned its attention to the built […]