December 30, 2016

How To: Homemade Baby Wipes and Baby Cleaning Solution

Raising a green baby can seem like a tall order at times but with this simple solution, we can help keep your baby in the green zone. Frugal parents will love this as well. It is also going to save you money! Yes, real money, not just a few cents here and there!

Building a Herb Spiral

Watching a spiral herb garden being constructed is a fascinating thing. Having 50 school kids building it all at once can descend into mayhem, but fortunately Permaculture teacher Leonie Shanahan was able to keep the whole process on track with a certain degree of military precision.

Gardening with Children

Want some great and easy ways to help get your children interested in helping out in the garden? We have some great ideas to get them out in the garden and away from the TV!

How to green your childrens wardrobe

Managing a child’s wardrobe can be quite an effort sometimes, and if you have more than one child – whoa, then it becomes a big job!

Spliced Bread: GE wheat coming to a store near you

Greenpeace and True Food are defending our rights for GE free food with their new campaign called “Spliced Bread”. This is a must read for Australians to understand and be aware of the threat of genetically engineered wheat in Australia.

Raising eco minded children isn’t that hard!

We know that raising kids is a tough but a rewarding endeavor. We love them so much we want to give them the best of everything but how do we raise our eco-kids happily and healthy? Well, we have the know how and some great tips and tricks to help you guys out!

Born pre-polluted – Toxicity in Babies

The health impacts of the use of chemicals in our lives is alarming. And even more concerning is that this pollution to our bodies begins even before birth.

Rebecca’s Home Made Muesli Bars

I am sure many of you already know how to make your own muesli bars but this is new to me! I never normally buy muesli bars unless we are going out hiking but I had a box of cereal (some Aldi Brand muesli) that was just sitting uneaten!

Hope is not lost – an 11 year old talks about the food system

Birke Baehr who was a participant in TEDx Next Generation is an 11-year-old who calls it like he see it!

A Life without Plastic – so what are my options?

We all know the dangers of plastic in our world – from BPA (Bisphenol A) which at low levels potentially can cause a variety of ailments, including birth defects, infertility and breast cancer. Then there is the damage that is magnified once it enters the environment.