December 30, 2016

Climate change legislation marks proud moment in Australian history

WWF-Australia today hailed the passage through the Senate of the Clean Energy Future Bills as a proud moment in Australia’s history.

Dr. Susan Wijffels – CSIRO Hobart , climate change a current issue.

Forgive the pun but there is scary evidence, as gathered by the CSIRO in Hobart, that explains that our long term extreme weather future is not looking good. 

The rising waters of Kiribati

Citizens in the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati are already feeling the heat of climate change and many predict they will be the first to face the prospect of leaving their homeland.

Investors Rush to Cash In on Climate Change

Climate change-sustainable investing has a big head of steam. And the effects of planetary climate change on most industries are going to be huge. Trillions of dollars are in play attempting to find the winning industries and companies. And determining who will be the winners or losers is a hot topic for investors today. Fortunately, […]

Innovation of the week: Keeping it Cool… and Hot

Every summer, many farmers and gardeners re-learn the sometimes unfortunate reality that the weather is out of their control. Vegetables wilt in the heat and the rain never seems to come when it’s needed.

Climate Change and Its Costs – What Is at Stake?

Between 0.2 and 0.5 percent of the European Union’s GDP – that is the projected annual cost of climate change in 2080 if no preventive policies are set up. This is the equivalent of 20–65 billion Euros of climate costs annually. These estimates are part of a study on Climate Change Impacts in Europe conducted […]

Innovation of the Week: Turning an Invasive Species into a Livelihood

In Kenya, for the over 5,000 people living in rural communities on or near its shore, Lake Victoria—the largest body of freshwater in Africa—is a life line.