December 30, 2016

Galileo Movement fuels Australia climate divide

Two Australian retirees invoke the ‘father of modern science’ in their fight against the hegemony of settled climate science. But their arguments – and the advisors supporting them – draw from a deep history of climate science denial and distortion.

Dr. Susan Wijffels – CSIRO Hobart , climate change a current issue.

Forgive the pun but there is scary evidence, as gathered by the CSIRO in Hobart, that explains that our long term extreme weather future is not looking good. 

7 Billion People and what it all means (VIDEO)

This year, the world’s population will pass 7 billion. I am not sure I can sufficiently explain since I can barely get my head around it! Luckily, the National Geographic have done all the thinking for me and broken it down in a short video