December 30, 2016

Explainer: what is biodiversity and why does it matter?

“Why should I care about biodiversity?” This is a valid question, particularly in a world that faces a changing climate. In addition, there are other things to worry about such as global food shortages, getting the kids to school on time and exercising.

Be a true Environ-RENTAList – how to rent and be green!

There is a huge property boom in Australia at the moment and with the cost of houses versus the cost of renting, the choice for some is pretty clear for some people. But renting doesn’t mean you have to stop being green!

Island living may have been a death sentence for the Tassie tiger: is the devil next?

We have all heard at some time or another that Australia has the worst record of mammal extinctions in history, with many of our unique and vulnerable critters succumbing only years after the first Europeans arrived here. However, the island of Tasmania stands out from this record: it has not lost a single mammal species […]

Creating a wildlife-friendly backyard

Creating a wildlife-friendly backyard, or even a balcony, is much easier than you think. Wildlife-friendly concepts can be applied to all types of garden, from huge plantations down to small high rise balconies, the two key elements are water and shelter everything else is a matter of personal preference.

The Vulnerable Koala: are we in time to save our national icon?

This week, the Australian Government listed several koala populations as “vulnerable”, giving them special protection. As a koala researcher and conservation planner, I am most impressed with Minister Burke’s decision.

Austrailan Species Status Explained!

Looking at all the wonderful animals we have here in Australia you start to think about their status. Knowing which of our animals are CR and others that are LC is crucial for us and our environmental protection groups to focus their money and time wisely.

Turtle crisis looms for Great Barrier Reef

A wildlife crisis is developing along parts of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef coast with reports of unusually high numbers of endangered turtles washing up dead or starving, WWF said today.

The Coral Sea: Our Underwater Paradise.

Our big blue backyard hosts the largest variety of marine life in the world. Whether we consider the big majestic creatures that leave us in awe, the brilliant sandy beaches, or the little flashes of colour that dart through coral reefs, there can be no doubting that our marine environment is part of our Australian […]

Innovation of the Week: Community Seed Banks to Empower Women and Protect Biodiversity

For fifteen years, Muniyamma, a farmer in Karnataka, India, practiced agriculture with the help of agro-chemicals, such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but in recent years she noticed a drastic decrease in yield.

7 Ways You Can Help Save The World, Make Yourself Healthier and Still Save Money

If war, violence, pollution, global warming, animal rights as well as health issues aren’t enough to concern you, confusion over what is healthy and what is not will probably do the trick. A lot of us are anxious and concerned at the seriousness of the health crisis, world hunger and pollution problems plaguing our world.