December 30, 2016

Make Your Own Community Weather Station

The green movement and its associated high fibre diet of dreadlocks and second hand corduroy continues to be the domain of  those with either too time on their hands or enough folding matter to support their renewable habits. Now I’ve managed to wedge enough cliches into that last sentence to skin the proverbial but I […]

Queensland Police Service Tenants Power Station.

Before the “Occupy” protests across the world began to occupy the newspapers I recall reading about a spate of solar panel thefts. When you think about it, these panels are ripe for the picking – big dollars left unattended and ready for resale. Maybe that’s why one of Brisbane’s largest solar systems is being created […]

Barefoot Power – Power to the Third World.

Kerosene, according to the fact sheet provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), can effect the lungs, brain, skin, eyes, and cause other behavioural issues – burns from the fuel is a dangerous side effect also.  For students in the third world however, kerosene fuels their study time.  Providing a flickering, acrid light to do […]

Home Power Generation: The Inverter.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) year book for 2009-10, most of Australia’s carbon dioxide emissions occurred due to the burning of fuels. In 2007 this figure sat just over 81% with energy industries contributing 60% of these CO2 molecules.

Ground Up Green Ideas For Home

So there I was. Seated and sweating bullets. You see, I’d been asked some questions about the future by a journo of the future. He asked about the collision of technology and “eco-friendliness” in the years to come – and as usual that got me to thinking. How should a household step into a tech […]

Davy’s Quick Tip #3: My Roof Sucks.

On one hand they can be amazing. Free cooling during summer. Casting flickering dashes of light onto the floor below. Making great use of the phrase “hot air rises*”. But like they say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch**”. We’re talking roof turbines people – those 70’s inspired spinning domes on our roof.

Mark Tipple Is In The Green Room!

Although he cites other reasons for his stunning photography, Mark Tipple’s work portrays the beauty and power of nature as well as the synergy we humans and mother ocean share. His skillful compositions don’t fail to stir emotions, especially for those of us who grew up surfing, or in my case getting smashed by the […]

Davy’s Quick Tip #2: Polly Put The Kettle On.

We, as subservient members of the British Empire, love to quaff a cuppa at any time of the day with nary an excuse needed. Whether it be by mug, cup, infuser, or pot – we’re loving it. We’re saying pass the honey, honey. Pass the sugar, sugar. And pass the tea, bag. And getting slapped. […]

Aussie Ingenuity For Your Green Projects

We recently mumbled about the remarkable Arduino project. An open source hardware system that lets you create all manner of remarkable gizmos and creations to leave your mark on the world. At the core of the Arduino scene is a little Aussie company called Freetronics. They make some of the most forward thinking Arduino products […]

Meet The Mighty Arduino.

Ever saved a few bob by using a free or “Open Source” version of Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop? Software engineers have been making quality alternatives for years, but what about hardware. Well, engineers and hobbyists are now building easy to use platforms for you to experiment with and to create.