December 30, 2016

Mark Tipple Is In The Green Room!

Although he cites other reasons for his stunning photography, Mark Tipple’s work portrays the beauty and power of nature as well as the synergy we humans and mother ocean share. His skillful compositions don’t fail to stir emotions, especially for those of us who grew up surfing, or in my case getting smashed by the […]

Climate Solutions Think Tank Launches Zero-Carbon Buildings Research

Climate change solutions think tank Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is launching a new research initiative to investigate pathways to a zero emissions buildings sector. Following on from their Banksia award-winning Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan released in partnership with the University of Melbourne last year, the group has turned its attention to the built […]

Meet The Mighty Arduino.

Ever saved a few bob by using a free or “Open Source” version of Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop? Software engineers have been making quality alternatives for years, but what about hardware. Well, engineers and hobbyists are now building easy to use platforms for you to experiment with and to create.

Chewing Gum – time to recycle it.

I have often thought about the ways it would be possible to scrape off all that chewing gum from pavements  throughout the world (excepting Singapore which banned it) and recycle it somehow. When I have insomnia I try to solve world problems like that!

Maker is the New Green

Picture if you will the evolution of our species…

The New Cotton Debate: What is sustainable cotton?

While rummaging through the Cotton, Inc. web site (which is a fascinating and well done site), I quickly realized that the Great Cotton Debate is being recast.

NanoTextiles – Facts Behind The Fabrics

Nano-Stealth. Nano-textiles are to organic clothing as GMO crops are to organic foods.

Global Warming and Organic & Recycled Clothing

Buy organic clothing for the health of our planet; wear organic clothing for your health. The reality and perils of global warming have finally broken through the walls surrounding mainstream collective consciousness and have become hot news.

Is the Internet hurting the Environment?

To what extent does the Internet’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions affect our world, and do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Need some fresh new kicks? Try these Aussie Cane Toad Sneakers

The dreaded cane toad! Introduced to our shores, they are now an unmanageable pest that are well known to kill native (and non-native!) wildlife due to their highly toxic glands.  Gideon Shoes have stepped up to the challenge and have created a hand-crafted, anti-sweatshop company that now makes fresh new sneakers from the tanned hide […]