December 28, 2016

DIY Flavoured Water and Other Fun Summer Drinks

Looking to make a change for the new year? How about try making flavoured waters and fun summer drinks? We all know the bad things about fizzy drinks, Coke, Pepsi, sugary juices and the explosion of drinks filled with guarana and caffeine. So let’s leave those bad guys behind and make our own!

The Simply Amazing Coconut

Think about the uses of a coconut and you will regard this tree, that grows like a weed in the tropics, with awe.

For a Full Belly, Drink More Tea, FAO Says

In a recently published report, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations stated that tea prices have reached an “unprecedented high.”  Traditional import markets in developed countries are almost at full capacity, but markets in tea producing countries, including Kenya and United Republic of Tanzania, are largely untapped.

Feel like a cold one? Reach for an Organic Beer!

The World Cup is on at the moment (go Socceroos!) so what better opportunity to try some organic beers! I know that most matches are shown very early in the morning in Australia, so maybe wait for the evening recaps!

A warming winter treat with home made Chai Syrup

Need a quick warm treat to help you deal with those chilly days and nights? Well the lovely Julie from Towards Sustainability has this FANTASTIC home made Chai Syrup! mmmm!

BYO Coffee Cup

HOOKturn have released a very cool reusable coffee cup. This isn’t the normal coffee cup that people have, the thermos style mug, this look like those lovely little paper coffee cups you get.

Tea, tisanes, brews and chai recipes

Tea as we know it was apparently discovered in around 2737 B.C. when the Chinese Emperor Shennung, drank the result of some tea leaves – unfermented and green – blowing into his cup of hot water.

Home made drink recipes

Some interesting drinks you can make at home very cheaply.

Ripe Banana blues stop right here!

I am posting this in the interests of ‘waste not want not’ as my orchids do NOT need any more ripe bananas and I am sick of banana cake.

Making beer and ginger beer – your local boutique brewery is right at home.

Have you thought about making your own beer and other fizzy beverages?  I had massive success with making ginger beer and my father in law made beer for a short time (but didn’t have the space to store the stuff when he downsized).  The carbon savings in making your own beverages are enormous.  Drinks cartage […]